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Sorry, but Martin Fields Screen Protector - iPhone 4S / 4 has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Martin Fields Screen Protector - iPhone 4S / 4

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The ultimate iPhone 4S / 4 screen protector with best scratch resistance, durability and enhanced clarity.

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13th February 2012

I first bought A Martin Fields Screen Protector two years ago for my Sony Ericsson 955. It has kept the screen immaculate and ironically, where the rest of the 'phone looks weathered and dull, the screen was as it was when I first peeled the packaging film off it. After upgrading to the Apple iPhone 4S, I straight away ordered the equivalent protector. It was a pleasant surprise that there were actually two shields - one for the back and one for the front....They also gave tips on how to recycle the plastic wallet as a photo frame, amusing in a quirky way. The shields were fitted as soon as the protective packaging films were peeled off. Was this easy? No, it was pig of a job to do! Like an earlier reviewer said, ''...take your time...'' I suggest that you fit it in a dust-free room, have freshly washed hands, a scotch tape dispenser to hand and a microfibre polishing cloth. It took me several attempts to centralise the two covers, in that time, a few dust particles had sandwiched themselves in. Also, due to my huge fat fingers, a finger print did appear of the adhesive film. These can be removed by peeling back the shield with a piece of scotch tape and removing the dust/print with another piece, awkward, but works like a dream. My final and most important tip, is DO NOT try and fit the screens by gingerly holding them at the sides with your fingers; it makes accurate centralising near impossible and when you do so, it will inevitably lead to dust and fingerprints. Rather attach two lightly applied pieces of scotch tape each end, lengthways, peel the shield off the backing using them as anchors and with the iPhone flat on a surface, use the pieces of tape as tools to place the shield,of the screen. Do not go cheap on the scotch tape either, get the best one that shops 'Sello'. Overall this is a product very deserving of the five stars, great protection and great durability. Very, very satisfied.
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East of England
25th November 2011

i can see clearly now the protector's applied
Yes the protectors are pretty amazing, no dullness just full bright iphone 4s hd colour, fits perfect. Take your time applying it, dont rush, feel the sleek smoothness once applied, like a polished bald head.
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8th November 2011

Top quality
Excellent quality, really easy to fit and great to use, you can't tell it's there!!! (& as a bonus it does both sides of the phone) well worth paying a premium for. !!.
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5th November 2011

Thats all I can say about the Martin fields screen protector. After having 3 others for iPhone 4 which all went in the bin. Got this one for the 4s not a bubble in sight, both back and front went on perfectly, so easy to fit, can't even tell they're on. Best buy for ages.
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East Herts
13th July 2011

You pay for what you get
... and you get what you pay for. These are NOT the cheapest screen protectors on the market. I have tried several others (generic, budget minded, Speck...) but they ARE in a league of their own. They install beautifully, have incredible clarity and FEEL different. You still get oily prints from your fingers, but it somehow does not affect your viewing, and fingers glide over the surface uninterrupted. You would not know you have install the screen protector at all. Expensive, yes. Worth it.. how much would you pay for a replacement screen?!
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Happy of Birmingham.
27th August 2010

IPhone 4 screen protectors ( Martin fields)
I have purchased these for all of us who have iPhones and ipads within the family, they are super easy to fit on, a little electrical tape top a bottom to ease off if not fitting correctly the first time, and you can soon line it up, and when fitted correctly all bubbles will come out. Well worth paying a little extra for. Happy of Birmingham.
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