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Sorry, but InvisibleSHIELD Full Body Protector - iPhone 4S / 4 has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

InvisibleSHIELD Full Body Protector - iPhone 4S / 4

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Guaranteed to protect your entire iPhone 4S / 4 from scratches, while retaining the original look of your device.

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Daniel Bennett
22nd November 2011

Very overrated. Very sticky.
I bought this after hearing so much about how protective it is... Which may be the case, but it takes away the niceness of the device. Putting it on is a complete lark. You don't get enough spray to put it on in the first place. Removing bubbles is such a task as is then using the device because it makes the screen incredibly sticky. And no, I didn't put it on the wrong way! Dragging my finger on the screen with this protector I'd get so much friction it was a nightmare. Playing games like Fruit Ninja with this is just impossible. It also managed to extract the dye from my jeans, giving my white iPhone a light blue tint. When I finally gave in and ripped the protector off, holding it to a right light shows me blue. I've never felt so happy about having my phone naked. Maybe I had a bad batch I don't know, but my experience with this was awful.
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7th July 2011

Very disappointed
Followed the instructions for installation exactly and like others for about a week I had no problems and thought it was great. After that things started to unravel quite literally. As once this screen protector gets hot it seems to stick to everything but the phone. Very disappointed. (Phone kept in pocket maybe ok if in handbag)
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15th March 2011

Terrible - don't
I assume that the good revues here are from people who had just put this shield on - wait a few months and you won't be so happy. I put Invisible Shield on at Christmas, 3 months ago. I was happy that it protected the phone and still allowed me to use dockers. But after a couple of months the side panels started turning yellow, and then brown. They are now peeling at the edges and will come off soon. The back protection is also now peeling at one corner. So much for permanent protection.
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28th January 2011

Beware of replacements...
The free replacement is a myth. You have to pay shipping on it from the US. Then you have to return the product to the US presumably. Although you get sent zero actual instructions on the process to return. Also the implication when you request a replacement is that if you don't process the return you don't get any more free replacements. It isn't until the later emails that they inform you that you'll get billed. I didn't read any of those which is obviously my fault. The product is overpriced and not as good as the reviews suggest. It bubbles and eventually peels. It'd be better if they charged less and you just bought another from mobilefun. I requested the initial replacement because I bought 2 and the wife totalled the first one trying to install it. The unscratchable surface scratched trying to remove a bit of fluff. I managed to fit the second one to hers but it was by no means without issue fitting it. It was an ok finish but started to peel quite quickly (within a week). Fortunately I had bought an otterbox so didn't need one in the end. You couldn't fit both together either as this product came off. Not impressed overall. The experience has cost me about £50 all told. It'd be ok if you were dealing with a UK company, but the cost you incur makes the overall proposition weak. Buy cheap and nasty ones then throw them away would by my view on this now. Alternatively get a Otterbox, they're bulky but you feel like your phone is protected.
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24th January 2011

Peeled off after two days
I was wiling to live with the few imperfections/bubbles on the screen, however, after one night in the pocket of my jeans the entire front cover peeled away. I used plenty of the adhesive as directed, but it wouldn't form a good seal at the edges. I'm a bit disappointed, as the product really does allow the iPhone to retain it's natural look.
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Sam thompson
20th January 2011

Pleased at first. 2 days later and they're useless
I bought these to protect a brand new iphone. The phone had literally just come out the wrapper. I followed the instructions exactly. Washed hands. Squirted spray on my fingers etc. I was very impressed with the results but unfortunately 2 days later and they started to come off. The only people who should buy this is people who don't keep their phone in their pocket. If you do they don't stand a chance. A friend of mine also had the same experience. Oh and as for the 30 year guarantee. Forget about that! I've given up with it. Just buy a proper case is my advice. Dont waste 17 quid on this rubbish, you'll never see that 17 quid again.
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alan waters
29th December 2010

Looks good and works well.... for all of a fortnig
Was very very happy with the product when i first installed it. Gave fantastic protection and seemed to work as it was supposed to. Unfortunately after about a week i noticed the covering on the rear of the phone had started to lift away. It seems that no matter how clean and grease free you make the iphone 4 the rear simply will not stick and form a proper bond. It slides about when it gets warm in your pocket and the edges lift. I though ok it is "covered by a lifetime guarantee" i will just get it replaced I was then horrified to find while it is a free replacement the shipping is almost as much as the item cost. The screen covering now seems to be going the same way so i am afraid it will be getting removed as soon as i have found a replacement and a case for the phone. Extremely disappointing.
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5th October 2010

Feels Too Cheap
Great service from Mobile Fun but this case looks terrible. Be warned: it will give your iPhone a cheap and plastic feel, defeating the purpose of having such a stylish and expensive piece of kit.
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1st October 2010

Waste of money
I bought this thinking it would be great, 1st of all it is a nightmare to put on and you hardly get any of the solution with it also hair and dust got stuck on it and after a few days it started to lift and it is not worth it I may as well of just thrown my money in the bin
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16th September 2010

Wouldn't waste your money...
Can't see the point of this product. Although easy to apply and looking good for about 3 secs, this product comes away from the edges when it catches anything, including your pocket, it marks so much more than the phone ever would. What is the point of having a beautifully designed product (that is fairly scratch resistant) and effectively covering it thick cling film that marks when you look at it... Poor
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10th September 2010

Poor in the long run!!
Managed to fit with no real problems and initially I thought it was great. I could put the phone in my pocket without fear of it getting scratched. But then bubbles started to appear on the back when in my pocket, They disappeared but after a while fluff got under the cover and eventually I had to remove the back cover, a couple of weeks later the same happened to the front so all in all not great value for about 6-8 weeks of use!
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7th September 2010

Not A Good Product
Just received this screen protector as i also purchased a new leather case. I wanted a protection on my whole phone to make sure it doesn't get scratched. Placing this item on the phone it difficult to say he least, to get it perfect that is! Also it says its an invisible shield when in reality it appears very noticeable. All in all very disappointed for the price.
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30th June 2010

We buy a lot of great products from MobileFun but this is awful! I have tried to apply it to my new phone that is straight out of the box, it has sucked in every piece of dirt within a hundred yards and has no rigidity when trying to apply it to the phone. Buy something else...
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