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Portable Laptop Stand

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Hold your laptop or tablet in a secure, convenient to view and operate position with this Portable Laptop Stand.

  • "Universal for laptop & iPad-pro"

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14th November 2016

Thestand is really good and compact but it's a bit less stable than I would have liked. So if there is a chance of the desk being knocked by someone I wouldn't think this is a good idea.
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Brian knight
7th February 2016

Portable laptop stand
Universal for laptop & iPad-pro
Great value for money ! Very well made and even a carrying case to boot ! I travel a lot to the USA and being able to use it for laptop and iPad-pro When I purchased iPad-pro there were very little choices and 2 of those were rubbish This is fantastic it doesn't look much in the picture ! If the picture was a little bigger and Shoes the details they wouldent have to say much thanks for making my life easier Cheers Brian
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Sydney NSW
23rd September 2015

Works well, packs up small and portable, overall its a great product.
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17th September 2015

Great, portable product
I bought a number of these laptop stands for our team to use when we are working in shared areas or from home. They are great for helping us work more comfortably and ergonomically in different locations and the fact that they are so small and light makes them really portable. Definitely good value for money and very handy to have.
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6th September 2015

Great product
I'm an IT consultant moving around a lot of different sites so portability and lightness is a must. This stand is very light, folds down small and takes the weight of my ultrabook easily. And for the price, you can't beat it.
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Terry Campbell
Raleigh nc
25th February 2015

Exactly What I Wanted
After looking all over the place for a sturdy stand for my Surface Pro 3(in Portrait Mode) and after having ordered from another supplier a device that was described as satisfactory but was completely unsatisfactory, I came upon Here I was able to look at a number of very descriptive photos and a very accurate description of the stand. When I received it, it was exactly want had been described, perfectly suitable for my Surface Pro 3 in the Portrait Mode and of the quality level I had hoped for. I have used it a number of times since receiving it and can say without a doubt it is perfect and performs the job exactly as described on the web-site. I would use again will certainly recommend to my friends.
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25th July 2014

IPad Air
Well built and sturdy but fiddly and bulky....
I receved this stand last week after much deliberation on what I should buy to use with my IPad Air. I was using an Otterbox case with an integral stand in the lid but I changed to a Lifeproof which doesn't have this (there is a 'Smart Cover' type stand/attachment available in some places but I can't find any decent reviews on it) First impressions were how large and bulky it is. You can't tell from the picture but out of the box it's bigger than expected and has a good weight to it. This does give it a feel of quality and durability but not lightweight portability. It can be positioned at multiple angles by pressing the button at the hinged joint and this can be a bit sticky and fiddly. Also, it has extending legs so it can be used with other larger devices. Overall I would say that if you are looking for a permanent stand which you are not gong to be folding up and taking with you then it is good. It is well made and good looking but I can't help but feel it is a bit 'overkill' for an ipad. If you had bought it for a larger screened tablet (?) or a laptop maybe it would be an acceptable size but when you are trying to keep the bulk down and possibly want easy one handed operation then this stand is not ideal. I will give it a three star rating as an Ipad stand, it's just too big for my liking. The search continues.
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Christopher Kerr
6th June 2013

Nexus 10 tablet
Just right for my tablet
I travel between a number of locations for work and depend on being able to use my tablet in a variety of different spaces: trains, corners of desks etc. The portable desk stand provides exactly the flexibility I need. It is stable and sturdy yet easy to set up and folds away to a compact size which means I can easily pack it in my tablet's case. It is slightly heavier than I'd expected but, even had I known its weight in advance, I'm pretty sure I would have bought it.
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Barrie Stevenson
29th May 2013

13inch I-Pad
Just what I have been looking for
My portable lap top stand arrived today and I'm extremley happy with it excellent. I already purched two prior to this one and they were both rubbish in design and manufacture.I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a stand for a large I-Pad/Tablet
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4th May 2013

iPad 3
Great piece of kit
My iPad sits on this Portable Desk Top Stand really well, far more secure than the Smart Cover and you can adjust the angle too, which is a big bonus. Folds neatly into is own bag, perfect. Ordered 5 pm Friday, arrived Saturday am. Brilliant.
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31st December 2012

Nexus 7
Useful and sturdy
Very effective and adjustable. About 8 in/20 cm long when folded. A smaller version would work just as well with a 7 in tablet.
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20th October 2012

Website categories need to improve
Was looking for a stand for my Galaxy Note 2 and browsed selecting the Note 2. Unfortunately, only looked at the design and not read the whole thing, ordered it and it turned out to be a laptop stand and not a mobile one. Returning it on Monday but a bit let down by the way the website has been put together. When selecting a mobile I would have expected to show only compatible devices.
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Nick M
15th August 2012

Nexus 7
Nexus 7 review ONLY
This is a review only if buying for Nexus 7, item is ideal for ipad/laptop. Its very portable but i'd advise against nexus 7 users buying this, it is a bit miss sold in my opinion as a nexus 7 accessory as its designed for the ipad. owing to this it is way to big really for the 7" form factor and the main gripe is the front legs 'click' into a set position which is too wide for the nexus 7 to stand portrait. You can mitigate this by not quite making the legs click into place but it feels off and can end up uneven. By all means an amazing accessory for laptops/ipads/10" tablets. Avoid if you have a 7" tab kindle etc and get something smaller.
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3rd August 2012

Just what I needed
excellent sturdy little product Acceptable weight to travel with. Fairly priced good value
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Truro Cornwall
14th July 2012

Brilliant stand
Brilliant stand and the usual excellent service,Thank you
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28th June 2012

Ipad portable desktop stand
Best iPad accessory I've bought!
Great when using iPad as an ebook, much more comfortable than holding, hands free to do other things.
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17th May 2012

iPad 3
very good
excellent product bought for my wife,she loves it,makes reading books etc very easy recommended
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14th February 2012

Excellant stand for iPad
This sturdy stand is great for putting iPad beside the pc when connecting to iTunes and for displaying
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9th February 2012

So useful
So useful when travelling a lot (especially by train. The only downside - it keeps being pinched by my wife and daughter.
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Co antrim
1st February 2012

iPad cover case
Fast delivery next day very pleased with iPad case and iPad stand. Would use this site again and highly recommend
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4th January 2012

christmas gift
This item was a gift for my son in law for christmas, he had rec'd an ipad and this stand proved very usefull for him. The ipad was up off the table away from any possible spills. The company delivering the goods were prompt and the packaging was excellent.
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1st August 2011

Portable stand for ipad
Great stand. A little heavier than i was expecting, but then again the ad does quote the weight so i should have checked before purchasing.
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4th April 2011

Brilliant piece of kit.
I was instantly surprised when I opened the box, and found what looked like a great piece of kit. It is a ver made and very well designed stand. I take it everywhere with me as It even comes in its own drawstring pouch. I would definitelt recommend this.
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Mirfield W Yorks
31st March 2011

Perfect For iPad
As an avid iPad user, especially at the breakfast table, this stand has made mornings even better. A perfect fit for the iPad in portrait mode, easily adjustable angles allowed me to get the best possible postition for viewing, without having to worry over spilt milk! In portrait mode it is NOT good for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the legs are too far apart for it to sit on, but it is fine in landscape mode.
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25th February 2011

Nice little stand.....
Although not perfect this stand is pretty good for supporting my iPad. The advantage is it folds away and has a little bag when not in use. I dont think any of the standards are 100% right but for the price this is handy.
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21st December 2010

Portable Desktop Stand.
A well built and easy to use extending and folding stand. Can be used for iPad and other tablet devices up to 10 inches screen size. Versatile and robust this device is a practical and cost efficient alternative to bespoke accessories for many devices. Highly recommended and benefiting from rapid delivery once ordered. I am very pleased with this product which I use with my iPad.
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26th August 2010

Great stand
Wanted a stand so I could watch movies and read my books more easily om my ipad, mainly for when I was travelling on the train. It's great for when you're in bed too though. Mainly use it for the iPad but have used it with a Dell netbook and a laptop, both fine on it. Fully adjustable for pretty much every size and angle you could want. Very grippy feet so very sturdy on a flat surface even after big jolts on the train.. Thouroughly recommended even with the slightly expensive price tag. However saying that I wouldn't want to pay less as you're paying for real quality with this product. Hope this has helped ;-)
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3rd August 2010

Fanstatic...simple, stylish and works
Fantastic...simple, stylish and works What else is there to say. I am not easily impressed, but this stand is really impressive. I purchased for this for my iPad as I needed a stand that would hold the iPad in both vertical and horizontal view. Also I need it to be solid so that I can type etc without it slipping across the desk or falling over. This does it all. It even comes with a slip case for when you are travelling. I am now ordering another on for my notebook computer
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19th July 2010

Bought this stand for my ipad with its different settings and its portable to take on holiday and to use on plane it suits me perfectly.
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