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    Sorry, but Jawbone ICON Bluetooth Headset - The Thinker - Blackhas been discontinued. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Jawbone ICON Bluetooth Headset - The Thinker - Black

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Product Reference: 24000

Jawbone has unveiled its most sophisticated Bluetooth headset yet, The Jawbone ICON.

  • "Great little device"
  • "Tiny, clear and easy to use"

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Gordon Henderson
15th June 2011

Great little device
Actually my 2nd Jawbone ICON - I managed to stupidly lose the first, but I liked it so much I bought another to replace it.
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30th December 2010

In a word quality does exactly what I would expect from jawbone. I've already recommended to friends.
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Mel P
7th December 2010

Good but not as good as expected
Connection to my HTC Desire was straightforward and call quality is excellent even when outdoors in the wind - the big disappointment is the ear pieces - after wearing one for an hour my ear was very painful. The ear loop is very flimsy and very disappointing for such a price. I was convinced I had broken it. I have my doubts that it will last very long Yes the performance is great but there are downsides. Overpriced for what it is
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Richard H
23rd October 2010

Great for calls on the move
Works without any problems with both my Macbook OSX 10.6 with Skype and HTC Hero 2.1 Android. I travel by train, so making calls from mainline stations is feasible now. Before, voice just got drowned out by background noise. Comparing voice quality, other people say that voice is slight muffled but fully intelligible, compared to an "in front of mouth" mic, but that's the trade off for the small size and noise cancellation.
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Bruce Wilson
23rd August 2010

Jawbone Icon
This is the best bluetooth ear piece i have ever owned!! The sound quality at the other end is better than my phone! I work in a fairly noisy environment and can still talk on the phone as i work, unlike any other ear piece i have used. The only downside to it is the battery life is not the best, but it doesn't take long to charge and can be charged in the mains or 12volt, via a usb. I can put up with this for good quality and being able to use it without people thinkin i'm in a tunnel or 10yds away from my phone! The hoop round your ear isn't as good as i expected for the money, but its not a problem as it stays in your ear comfortably without it. Overall i would reccommend this to anyone!!
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Gordon Henderson
17th August 2010

Does what it says on the box...
Took a bit of fiddling with the in-ear holder devices to find the one that was the most comfortable, but after that, it works a treat. Callers do not know I'm not sitting at my desk due to the excellent noise cancellation, and even when I am at my desk, it eliminates keyclicks, so they don't know I'm typing along. Charging is easy and it uses the same mini-usb connector as my Nokia N900, so a bonus there.
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17th August 2010

Top Quality Headset!
This is one of the best Bluetooth headsets I have tried or seen. The built in Noise Assassin works flawlessly and the quality is superb. It comes with numerous earpieces and can be programmed. A great buy.
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West Sussex
13th August 2010

Does what it says on the box - with a but!
The Jawbone Icon, does everything it says on the box very well, sounds great both ends of the call, so I am told, bluetooth stays connected well and reconnects, voice dial works even when driving in a noisy car, switches work well and are positive. The but is the fit to ear, it either falls out or fits tight and then after an hour makes your ear sore and then quickly very sore, which is a great shame, if Jawbone and Jabra got together we could have a real winner.
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9th August 2010

Jawbone ICON Bluetooth Headset
Handy being able to connect to 2 phones, definitely cuts down background noise. Only two minor complaints - no volume control + ear loop a bit loose (although very comfortable).
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Sliema, Malta, EU
21st July 2010

Jawbone ICON Bluetooth Headset - The Rogue.
Very impressive performance and fully customisable via the web so you can tune the device to your exact specifications. The only downside is the slight lack of volume on calls. Delivery was fantastic 2 days! delivery to my apartment in Malta, Fantastic. Overall easily the best bluetooth headset out there.
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20th May 2010

Had this just under 2 weeks now. Paired to my HTD HD2, HTC Diamond and a netbook and desktop PC. Definitly the best bluetooth headset I've ever owned. The noise assasin works great! Pairing to 2 devices at the same time works well and is really handy! I've managed to get it working on skype pretty easily too! Lots of options for a comfortable fit, although I personally seem to be inbetween the medium and large ear peice size which means a weigh up of a slightly tight but secure fit or a more comfortable but loose fit. Great product! 4 stars becasue I cant get a perfect fit despite there being plenty of options supplied.
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13th May 2010

Tiny, clear and easy to use
I have just got a Jawbone ICON Bluetooth Headset ( The Thinker ) to use with my HTC-HD2 When I first got the box out of the bag, I was amazed at how small the thing was, much smaller than I thought it would be. It feels pretty robust and looks pretty nice. Packaging is minimal and even in the UK, pretty much totality recyclable. You get a wall charger, a tiny but really ( really ) useful short USB cable that can be used with the charger block or a powered USB socket on your PC. A handful of different ear bungs to help you get the right fit and some very simple, but usable instructions. All very nicely thought out, and well designed. Think along the lines of Apple, but in black and your there. Pairing was easy, press the only button and turn on, then find it on the phone. A small discrete light that is hidden when wearing shows you if its charging, linking to a phone or has been turned on. The Thinker has a voice to tell you about the battery life etc, this can be changed to a variety of US sounding male and female voices by linking up to the Jawbone site. I haven't an iPhone, but it also has the ability to show its battery status etc on them if you have the app. Could be useful, but tapping the only button once gives you a verbal estimate of battery life, so its not essential and nothing for us non Apple fans to worry over. It can also be used ( after a software update again from the Jawbone site ) to be used as a headphone to listen to the phones media player / navigation system as well as a normal phone headset. Use is easy, it fits to my ear without using any of the different size buds of ear clip. Instructions on how to best get it to fit are on the site and make it very easy, this ensures noise reduction systems work correctly. It sounds pretty clear from my end, and I haven't had any complaints from the other end, no "are you in a tunnel / down a drain" comments yet. Volume is controlled by the phone which again is easy. In many ways its all a bit dull and simple, but this makes for a very competent and usable tool. Overall I am very impressed and would certainly recommend spending a few more pounds on this to other prospective blue tooth ear piece buyers.
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