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SuperTooth Buddy Bluetooth v2.1 Hands-free Visor Car Kit

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Boasting an incredibly compact and sleek contemporary design, the SuperTooth Buddy with Bluetooth offers a massive 20 hours of talktime and 1000 hours standby.

  • "Brilliant piece of kit!"
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3rd January 2017

Supertooth buddy v2.1
Two thumbs up
So far so good, easy to set up, easy to use and clear on the other end along as the radio isn't on or the window isn't down.
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29th October 2016

A good piece of kit
I wanted an inexpensive portable bluetooth kit for the second family car. After doing some research I decided on the SuperTooth Buddy Bluetooth. It works as well as the reviews state - only 2 minor issues. 1. The "on" LED is hard to see in daylight, so you can't tell if the unit is on or off. 2. The unit moves on the magnet when pushing the buttons. Apart from that it's pretty good for $50.
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Barwon Heads
27th February 2016

works fine
Works well. Easy to operate
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Rebecca liew
New York
17th February 2016

highly recommended!!!
Great product!easy to install! highly recommended!!!
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Richard Grhaham-Evans
4th December 2015

Samsung Galaxy A3
Unit simple to set up and worked first go!
Easy purchase and fast delivery. Unit simple to set up and worked first go! A neat unit - easy to understand and appears well designed. My second purchase from Mobile Fun - and very satisfied with experience.
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17th July 2015

Have found the buddy to be very clear but have come across couple of time wen ringing a friend that I can hear them but they couldn't hear me and the were fairly quiet
If any body has experiece the same issue over all buddy is good useful tool
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Jayne Verrall
2nd March 2015

Great little gadget!
I have just connected my Buddy and so far so good. It seems to be very clear and easy to use. I am still learning the indicators for battery life etc but I hope it will all be easy as I get used to it. A great idea and very clever.
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25th February 2015

supertooth buddy bluetooth v2.1 hands free visor car kit
great sound quality and call reception
I got this as I was fed up of my phone ringing and not been able to answer it when in the car. I read loads of reviews and settled on this. The sound quality is great when making calls and according to my other half he can hear me very well. Battery life is excellent as well which was another consideration. I tend to bring it inside to charge it on a weekend but I am sure it would go for a couple of weeks. I never turn it off so it connects automatically. My only reason for giving this four stars instead of five is that I have found when it is mounted on the magnetic clip on the visor and you try to answer it, falls off. This is because the magnet is in the middle making it possible for it to rock side to side when you press the green answer button. to get round this I have mounted it on the dash with Velcro sticky pads which seems to be a much better method of mounting it, for me anyway. That aside its a great little piece of kit and for me far better than a headset.
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Jerome McGrady
24th February 2015

supertooth buddy bluetooth handsfree
Great Product
product very easy to st up and use. Good battery life.small & compact. Great product
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James Mannion
6th February 2015

A lot of kit for the money. The mobile holder is very secure, very easy to mount/unmount the phone. The length of the arm is such that it needs extra support to prevent vibration.
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Samantha Gallagher
23rd December 2014

SuperTooth Buddy V2.1
Handy wee device
Very clear and easy to use.
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Noel Ashton-Rickardt
21st November 2014

super tooth buddy hands free bluetooth
Very good
Really easy to set up. Easy to operate. Extremely clear sound. Didn't like it on my sun visor, so I stuck a two pence piece on my dashboard and the strong magnet on the back adheres it firmly in place. If you don't want any hassle and just want to get on with hands free......get this one.
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22nd October 2014

Works well
Haven't had the Supertooth very long, but it is working well for me. One thing though, it is good for you to know the features of your mobile phone; e.g. Using Voice commands, as I found I needed to find out about this feature on my new mobile phone if I was going to use voice commands after pairing the phone with the supertooth. The other very very small thing I would like to mention is the fact that there is only 1 visor clip supplied. My husband & I both have our phones paired to the supertooth, & when travelling together, you can't transfer the supertooth from 1 visor to the other visor, without removing the clip as well. With our old Bluetooth hands free we were supplied with 2 magnetic clips & they remained permanently affixed, one on each visor. Swapping the device from 1 visor to the other was easier.
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23rd September 2014

Sony Experia z2
Good Reasonably Prced Bluetooth
Does what it says on the tin. No fuss and no difficulties.
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enzo tedesco
7th July 2014

quasi perfetto
Prodotto arrivato entro i tempi previsti. La confezione era danneggiata ma il contenuto in perfetto stato e regolarmente funzionante.
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Brian Wallace
24th June 2014

iPhone 4
Good bit of kit
Turned up pretty quickly so no long wait. switched on connected to phone away we go. Couldn't be much simpler
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Mr Alan Armstrong
23rd June 2014

iPhone 4S
Bluetooth on the go.
From the moment I saw the item in the packaging, I could not get it open quick enough, after switching on the bluetooth buddy, I had no problem pairing it with my iPhone 4S, the whole thing took a few seconds. Quick, and easy, just do what it's supposed to, without all the fuss you get with other models. This was a great experience, my only let down was the charging of the bluetooth buddy, the lights were not clear enough, so I had no idea if fully charged or not, but that apart, it is easy to use and will be a great boost for the car on my journeys. Would highly recommend this to anyone who want a bluetooth buddy in their car.
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8th April 2014

Galxy Note
Curate's Egg
I bought the SuperTooth Buddy a couple of weeks ago and after a bit of a fight to get it out of its packaging I charged it via its micro-USB port and clipped it the the sun visor in my car. Pairing was easy and I was able to make and receive calls with good audio clarity at both endss. However, pressing the green button to make a call didn't give me a choice of numbers to call but proceeded to call the last number dialled, a feature which has the potential to cause embarrassment. Still working on how to deal with that.
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Alan King
25th March 2014

Nokia lumia 520
Fantastic reception
Arrived sooner than promised..paired with my phone in seconds.. used in various H G V s speaker quality in fantastic.. a super bit of kit at a reasonable price only have one problem when making a call it connects o K but when call is finished phine go dead no screen no on/off wirking have to remove battery and reinstall to get phone to work again
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United Kingdom
25th February 2014

Samsung S4
Great product !
Product has quality feel about it. Fits very well on sun visor. Pairs with Samsung S4 without issues. Call quality is very good on both transmitting and receiving. Voice dialing via S4 works ok but sometimes have issues which i think is more to do with the Samsung app. Overall very impressed
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28th January 2014

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23rd January 2014

Buon prodotto.....
il prodotto facilissimo da configurare si collega velocemente con il mio S3. la spedizione stimata da 4 -10 gg. in 3 giorni mi è arrivato comunicazione con fornitore rapido..... tutto Ok
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19th January 2014

Might have to help connection sometimes but battery life is great and calls are loud and clear
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27th March 2012

SuperTooth Buddy In-Car Hands Free Kit
Nice loud reception
This was fitted into new VW Polo. The reception on it is very loud if set at full and clarity on other end is reported as good. Only gripe is the vocal instructions for "say name now", is very quiet, but the read back before it dials is quite clear and gives enough time to abort if it gets it wrong.
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27th June 2011

Does the job
The SuperTooth Buddy is compact, easy to set up, connects quicker than my ear piece and although it is not a panacea for combatting motorway road noise, the speaker is impressive.
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30th August 2010

so far so good
I have had many bluetooth head sets jabra x3 jawbone and found them only adequate now the buddy seems more useful as I do not like to have the unit on all the time only when I take a call the old units take there time to connect when switched on where as the buddy is all most instant and is not uncomfortable in your ear a much better sound in the car as well
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