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SuperTooth Buddy Bluetooth v2.1 Hands-free Visor Car Kit

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Boasting an incredibly compact and sleek contemporary design, the SuperTooth Buddy with Bluetooth offers a massive 20 hours of talktime and 1000 hours standby.

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22nd July 2014

Supertooth Buddy
Easy to install and use. It works perfectly with my IPhone 5s. Very happy.
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chris mcnally
high wycombe
21st July 2014

SamsungS3 mini
Paired very quickly,did every thing I expected it to do NO complaints.
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Andy Jones
21st July 2014

Super Tooth Buddy Bluetooth v2.1 Hands-free Visor Car Kit
Exceeded all expectations
High quality, neat design, exceptional performance, I am delighted with it, so buying another! Highly recommended. Don't hesitate.Buy it.
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17th July 2014

Iphone 4
Been wanting one
Arrived within 24 hours, easy to set up and use, it keeps you safe whilst driving.
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Harry Jones
9th June 2014

I have had 3 or 4 different in-car hands free in the past,but have found the Buddy bluetooth to be the only one that does what it says on the tin.
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9th June 2014

iphone 5
great kit
Purchased this for the old man as he is a black taxi driver. He uses for hours each day and not had a problem with it. syncs to his iPhone in no time and hardly ever charges it. The speaker is loud and clear. Very simple to use and small enough so it doesn't get in the way. Would recommend highly recommend this product
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Andy hunt
11th May 2014

iPhone 5
Love my new gadget . Brill service . Will use you again
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Cranbourne North, Vic
30th April 2014

Very Happy as I got exactly what I ordered
Was expecting the parcel to be here sooner. However, when I it did arrive I saw that it came from the UK. So the delivery time was reasonable. I thought being an Australian website the product might have already been in the country. The Supertooth Buddy is excellent and dead easy to use. Works great with my iPhone 5. Was the cheapest price I could find online.
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Co. Meath
21st April 2014

Change in the Law
With the upcoming changes in the law concerning mobile phones in a vehicle, this is a necessary piece of equipment to avoid prosecution and/or worse. It works excellently
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Sundar Srinivasan
8th April 2014

Prompt response
Good vendor. Prompt product supply
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John Holden
United Kingdom
7th April 2014

Sony M Exper
The Over Good Bluetooth
Since purchase of my first,I have purchased two further for friends both impressed with its performance, however when not in the car turn it off, I have been around 40mtrs away and it has still rung in the car. Not bad hey.
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28th March 2014

Samsung S4 mini and S4
Great piece of kit
I have had my device about a week now and it is perfect for my role in sales. It connects as soon as I step into the car to both my work and personal phones. Simple and easy to use and does what it says on the tin. I am buying another this week for my wife's car.
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Steve Chmiewliski
16th February 2014

Lumia 920
simple, easy to use
Really simple to setup and even easier to use. Good quality sound and clarity. Fantastic price, cant go wrong.
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Brian Homans
30th January 2014

iPHone 5C
Simple but effective
The Buddy paired easily with my iPhone and in the few days I have used it, I have been pleasantly surprised with the sound quality and ease of use.
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23rd January 2014

Supertooth, super value!
This product is great value for money. It does everything it suggests, super easy to install and use. Highly recommend if you don't want anything fancy, that just allows you to talk hands free.
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20th January 2014

Moto G
Works very well
Ordered for use with my Motorola Moto G and I can agree with the previous positive comments. It works very well, despite there being no obvious sign of the speaker anywhere on the unit. The only downside for me is that my Moto G has a maximum of 30 mins before it goes to sleep. And when it does that, the Bluetooth connection is lost; resulting in four "beeps" from the Buddy. It's the same kind of thing you get when losing a mobile signal. So I have to accept manually waking up my Moto G every 30 mins on a long journey. But overall I am very happy with the Buddy.
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19th January 2014

A perfect and cheap solution to a good hands free kit
As per read good reviews of this product. A good price for an exceptional piece of hands free kit. Easy to set up and away you go. Nice and clear sounds and easy to use. No more threats of the Police pulling you up for talking on the phone. A lot cheaper than all the parrot kits I've had fitted previously, and as good, if not better quality. Well recommended.
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29th December 2013

happy customer
very happy with this product and the service from Mobile Zap
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28th December 2013

Samsung Galaxy S2
The perfect solution
I wanted an alternative to a bluetooth earpiece which I find uncomfortable and too easy to leave indoors when going out in the car. The Supertooth Buddy is a very neat solution which stays in the car and automatically connects to both my phone and the wife's phone as soon as you enter the car. Sound quality is good and voice dialling (works well with Samsung Galaxy S2) is accessed with one touch of the a MFB button. Comes with USB and in car charger, is very easy to pair and use.
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Roger Latton
7th December 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4
Simple and Effective
Not unduly expensive. Once fully charged it was extremely simple to pair with my Galaxy S4 and to use. The device can be easily removed from the magnetic mount for security when you are not in the car, or for using with a second phone in another car. So I don't have to buy another one for my wife - just a second clip!
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6th December 2013

iPhone 4
Excellent seller
Bought this as a present for my boyfriend as I was always annoyed speaking to him on load speak whilst he was driving as his phone clearity was very poor with hands free. This device has made talking on the phone sound just like he's next to me. Very clear and was very easy to set up. Phone was paired up via Bluetooth within minutes. Would recommend this fabulous device to everyone. Very good quality for money.
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30th November 2013

Samsung Duos
Id be lost without it now
Fantastic, so easy to setup and use, I use it with my dual sim phone and it works perfectly, I would recommend it to anyone.
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21st November 2013

Samsung galaxy s3
After reading reviews about the Bluetooth Buddy I decided to purchase one. When it arrived I read the instructions and with in 5 minutes my phone was pared and ready to go. The magnet holding device is very strong and holds the unit in place very well, I found the unit very easy to operate the sound is very clear and loud enough to hear over the road noise. I can highly recommend this unit if you are thinking of getting one do not hesitste you will not be disappointed. Mobile Fun was very quick to dispatch the item and it arrived very quickly .
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United Kingdom
15th November 2013

Sleek and great clarity
Having a car without bluetooth is an absolute pain so finding this visor car kit was a great find. The clarity is fantastic and it is very easy to use. Not sure how to set up the voice dial yet, but even without this it is a very welcomed item.
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8th November 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3 & iPhone 5
Nice piece of kit
Arrived quickly and was soon charged and has since been sat in my car. It easily recognised the two phones (once I read the instructions properly) although it is worth reading them through first as I had to clear the memory to make sure my phone was the primary device. My main concern was that the volume wouldn't be good enough as my car is a little "shouty" but there was no need to worry. The unit delivers crisp, loud audio and does a reasonable job of picking up my voice from the background noise. In a quieter car, it would be more than adequate. I'm yet to need to recharge the unit but it has been sat in the car for a few weeks and automatically pairs with the phone by the time I get in.
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1st November 2013

excellent piece of kit
Does exactly what it said on your web site. I will be buying more of these units for my kids.
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Kathy Etherington
6th October 2013

Nokia Lumia
Excellent piece of kit
I am totally technophobic and hopeless at setting things up. This arrived and I didn't even need any help getting started. Paired it with my phone in seconds and it really is as good as the reviews said it was. Really pleased with it and would definitely recommend it to all. Thanks
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Samir Casshyap
Noida india
28th September 2013

I phone 5
Supr tooth buddy
It's really superb , very dependable , clear voice , very responsive and a small light weight solid body , good looking.
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19th September 2013

Nexus 4
Super Buddy
Arrived next day. Easy to set up. No fiddling around, just charge and go. Good quality sound. Looks good. Fits neatly onto sun viser. Definitely recommend. How did I manage without it?! Worth the cost.
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david porter
county durham
16th September 2013

samsung galaxy s3
easy to operate
Excellent device, easy to use, very resonable price.. Would recommend it very highly..
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El Paso, TX
14th September 2013

I'm totally enjoying it...very clear sound. Easy to set up.
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david porter
county durham
5th September 2013

samsung s3
does what it says
Excellent item, would recommend it to anybody.. Easy and simple to use.. great price too...
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3rd August 2011

Bought one of these each for myself and my husband and it is fantastic, so simple to connect to your phone and so simple to use!
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11th July 2011

So good, I bought another one!
I've been using this device for the past 18 months and I am so delighted with it that I just bought another one for my wife. Great battery life, clear reception and easy to operate - it even connects to two phones so now it doesn't matter which car I use. Stay legal, stay connected get a "Buddy"!
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esam yousif
United Kingdom
1st July 2011

What i though its the best
The best and what I most need.
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24th May 2011

'Mini' buddy
A lot smaller than my old bluetooth kit, doesn't weigh the visor down. Clip os magnetic so can easily remove from car and leave clip there. Paired before I figured what buttons to press. A lot clearer than compaired to my old one. Excellent piece of kit
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28th April 2011

Fantastic Item
This is a neat little item, Easy to set up & to use, Very clear when Listerning. Deffo reccomend this item if you want a good product
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18th April 2011

Keep it charged and it does the rest cant fault up to now.
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New Forest
14th April 2011

Fantastic Item
Firstly I would like to say thank you to mobile fun in stocking this item. I ordered the item tuesday & less than 24hrs I had received the super tooth buddy. Didn't take long to set up up with my I phone 4 plus looks really neat & doesn't look out of place in the car. No wires to bother with. Id certainly recommend any one looking to buy this neat hands free kit.
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29th March 2011

Brilliant little device
damn good device and does what it says on the tin and you dont need to pay loads for hands free.........................
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10th March 2011

Excellent piece of kit
I've been sceptical with bluetooth handsfree kit and had trouble find the ideal kit. Took the plunge with Supertooth buddy and loving it. I use it in my car and also as a speakerphone for my office use. Excellent!!!
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9th February 2011

Perfect Present
I bought this as a present for my husband and he has now been using it for a few weeks. He says it's the best hands free kit he has used - good quality sound and easy to set up and use.
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Lowestoft Suffolk
11th January 2011

Supertooth Buddy
I purchased this only a few days ago and am very pleased with it. I have had a few hands free kits in the past, this is by far the best. I have paired it with a Nokia N97 and it works very well. The Nokia is only v2 bluetooth so had to pair it manually. I am changing shortly to the Galaxy S with the later version bluetooth. Having said that this unit works fine with earlier versions. It pairs almost straight away when my phone is in range. Both sound and volume are very good. Haven't had it long enough to test its staying power but reading other reports peaple are more than pleased with it.
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1st January 2011

Easy to use hands free
I bought this for my not-so-tech-savvy wife. Paired it with her iPhone in seconds and now it automatically connects as soon as she switches the hands free unit on. Perfect. Sound quality seems to be very clear although not tested at motorway speeds yet. Very easy to click on and off it's bracket. Haven't had it long enough to comment on battery life yet either, but it comes with a 12v/USB charger which is great. All in all am very pleased with this very handy little unit and would definately recommend.
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M A Smith
13th December 2010

SuperTooth Buddy In-Car Hands Free Kit
It does exactly what it meant to, brilliant product.
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6th December 2010

Great bit of kit
The 'SuperTooth Buddy' is so easy to use, I was up and running in minutes. I have just bought the iphone and this was a perfect companion. Simply join the phone to the supertooth buddy and use the voice recognition on the iphone, quick and simple.
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9th November 2010

At last I've found one that works really well. Long battery life. Loud and clear for me and person I am talking to. Had it now for 3 weeks and its brilliant
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Dave Clarke
Wymondham, Norfolk
21st October 2010

Instant Usage
I wasn't sure at first when I was looking to replace my failing Bury Comfort Vision. I wanted another Bluetooth device with a screen, but nothinbg that took ages to set up! So after much deliberation I chose the Supertooth Buddy and I have to say, "What a gem", it set up instantly and has been excellant to use. I would recommend this product to everyone.
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Les Careless
Felixstowe. Suffolk
18th October 2010

It's just what you need
There are numerous hands free kits on the market I wanted something that I could put in the two work vehicles that don't cost the earth and do what they say, hands free.This is a marvellous piece of kit, the sound is good and can be adjusted,the microphone picks up your voice with out shouting,can only say it's what I needed and maybe save one of my employee's a fine and points on their licences. A small price to pay.
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Theodoros Gerolemou
Nicosia, Cyprus
9th September 2010

Excellent Product
Is excellent product, working excellent with my Apple 3GS, very good voice in the car environment, must bye...
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East Sussex
15th July 2010

Super Tooth is my buddy for life
This is a fantastic product, I cannot fault it whatsover, its extremely easy to use, the voice clarity is fantastic and i love the way you can pair and unpair the device when you leve the car. I highly recommend this product.
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8th July 2010

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7th July 2010

Excellent bit of kit
As fleet manager for a local company, I have bought quite a few hands-free kits. This is the best of the lot, with good clear sound, voice dialling and auto answering. The time between charges is staggeringly good, and I recommend this item whole-heartedly.
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Jamal Singh
18th May 2010

I liked the supertooth visor lite and wanted an upgrade, i searched around but wanted to stick to a name i trusted so went with the new supertooth Buddy. It's a really nice looking little speakerphone, excellent noise cancellation and it's really clear for me to hear others and for them to hear me, i don't seem to get any interference. So far i have had it on in my car for 3 weeks and there's still battery left so top marks on that one and it auto re connects when i get back in the car. All in all i definately recommend this one or any of the supertooth's. p.s fast delivery too :)
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