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Sorry, but Avantalk Jogger Bluetooth Headset - Black has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Avantalk Jogger Bluetooth Headset - Black

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High Quality Stereo Bluetooth Headset with noise cancelling technology for exceptional audio..

  • "Great product - shame about the colour!"
  • "A Design Classic"

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28th July 2014

NAjlepsze za ta cene
SLuchawki sa dobre do biegania. Za taka cene nie ma co sie spodziewac najlepszego dzwieku ale nie przerywaja ani nie spadaja z uszu.
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Adrian Walter
3rd May 2014

Avantalk Jogger Bluetooth Headset - Black
Great product - shame about the colour!
I bought this headset for gym work so I didn't have to have cable all over the place which gets snagged on weights etc. The decision was based solely on the reviews of this and other similar devices. I have been absolutely delighted with them, both in terms of sound quality and ease of use/setup. They stay in your ears even without having the cable link over the top and last for several hours between charges. I can't say how many as I charge them once a week regardless. My only gripe (which doesn't affect this review) is the colour - you can vet them in a variety of colours (not necessarily from the same supplier) but if you want any other colour than those reviewed here it will cost you up to a tenner more...why?!!
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23rd April 2014

Samsung Galaxy S4 & Kindle Fire HD
Brilliant item!
I use the headset mainly walking home from work, the sound quality is very good and as they are rain proof, living in Scotland, that is a must! Great Value for money!
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15th March 2014

iPhone Vodafone cat phone job phone
So good I brought 4
I brought one for myself so easy to set up I'm useless round this sort of thing normally but I had no trouble then I bought one for my partner and my sister because they were so impressed , then I had to buy another set because I lost the first one (I found it now ) and didn't want to be without them because they were so useful.
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10th March 2014

Avantalk Jogger Bluetooth Headphones Black
Great Bluetooth headphones, the sound is brilliant, best headphones at a cheap price, light and easy to use
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1st February 2014

Great for the Gym
These stay on your ears great and have a pretty good range. The music does not cut out when I leave my phone 15-20 ft away at the treadmill or under a bench when I go to get a drink of water or change out weights. The reasonable price really makes these headphones the ultimate value for your buck!
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26th December 2013

Great for running
Bought these for my boyfriend and he runs a lot and have complained about the cord on his old hedset. When he got this hedset it was a so nice to be free of the wire. He likes the sound is very good and the headphones stays in place during the run. They were very easy to connect with the mobile phone samsung galaxy s4. He is very happy with these and highly recommend buying these
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roveredo in piano
23rd December 2013

buon prodotto
le cuffie sono leggere, belle esteticamente, l'audio è decente, la vestibilitá discreta
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28th November 2013

Nexus 5
aventail jogger lightweight and excellent volume
I use the aventail jogger in the gym, cycling and running. As an added benefit they now work with Skype on Android so can be used when travelling. All in all an absolute treat and couldn't live without them. I have had Bluetooth headphones but none this versatile.
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1st November 2013

iphone 5
Highly recommended
Bought as a replacement for a cheaper pair which lasted a month(weren't sweat proof). These are much better, very lightweight and comfortable. The sound quality is good, very loud and they work perfectly with my iphone 5. I use them for running and they don't move or slip and have a decent Bluetooth range. Great product for the price.
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Tel Aviv, Israel
30th September 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3
exactly what I needed
I was looking for a light-weight Bluetooth headset for my training. I found the Jogger to be exactly what I need - light, fits great in my ears, the sound quality is pretty good and it makes my jog much more fun :)
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28th September 2013

fantastico prodotto
Audio musicale decente Audio in conversazione perfetto Chi chiama sente perfettamente Durata della batteria ottima Comode e leggere Restano sempre in posizione anche con sport molto dinamici Un prodotto davvero eccellente
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tacoma wa
28th July 2013

jogger bluetooth headset
The headset works like a champ. The sound is great. It paired up very easy with my ipod nano 7th gen. The only con I see with it is the loop wire is really stiff an difficult to keep in position while putting in ears.
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Michael Lee
London, UK
22nd July 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note II
Good running headphones
I had two issues with these when I first got them. They were uncomfortable but after a week and a bit they finally began to sit well and now I barely notice them. The second was the audio cut out a lot. Once I moved my phone to my other pocket they stopped cutting out. Now on to the good. They sound good. As good as my normal Samsung earphones I think and stay put on my head while running.
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dr latheef
calicut, India
20th June 2013

wonderful experience
i bought avantalk jogger and avantree jogger. i had fear while making payment online. but everything was fine . the parcel reached safe and its working fine. thank you very much
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30th May 2013

Windows 7 and Samsung Galaxy S2
Good sound, but not good for talking
Firstly this is a little tricky to put on the first time and the ear buds are not particularly easy to get in the right position. The audio output from them is good, but if you want to make calls you need to shout to be heard. Overall - if you want them to listen to music and make the odd call, they are OK, if you want them as a call making headset - forget it.
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10th May 2013

Ipad and iPod touch
Technically unreliable
Ibought the lightweight one to replace a heavier model The avantalk jogger worked with my iPod touch and then with my iPad After that it would not function with iPod touch but still worked with my iPad My original Bluetooth works with iPod touch Still puzzling what to do Chasing supplier is jtoo costly and time consuming One has to get reliable suppliers
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Kevin Holley
18th April 2013

Blackberry Bold 9900
A great solution for running
I have tried many different headsets for running and they all fall out of my ears. The best sound quality ones are in-ear buds but they get sweaty and then you hurt your ears as you squidge them back in again when they come loose. These ones came with a good review so I tried them out. I found that the in-canal rubber pieces were not comfortable and the sound was still very tinny. But they didn't fall out. Now I have been on many long runs (several hours) with these headphones just using the cloth covering and they are fine. They don't fall out and are not painful - just set and forget. But don't expect hi-fi quality. They are tinny and a compromise, but I have come to learn that hi-fi quality when running, getting sweaty and moving your ears about, is an impossible goal. And you get used to the sound. One day we will have bluetooth implants but until that day these headphones are as good as it gets for running!
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1st April 2013

Google Nexus 4
I can just run and forget about headphone wires!
My friend recommended these for running and after trying theirs I had to purchase some of my own- they're brilliant. Connecting via Bluetooth to my phone was almost instantaneous and very easy. They come with two different sizes of ear plugs to ensure a snug fit. They're very comfortable to wear and throughout my runs they do not budge and the best thing of all is there are no wires! The sound quality is great and the volume is easy to adjust via simple controls on the headset. Phone calls can also be taken and made thought the headset (although I haven't tried this yet as I can barely breathe whilst running let alone talk!). All in all, a fantastic purchase!
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20th February 2013

Iphone, ipad
Ideal for what I needed
Great bluetooth headphones wanted them to listen to my ipad and iPod touch. Easy to set up, took a while to fit the headphones comfortably but think that was more me than the headphones
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19th February 2013

iPhone 5
Sted fast
Had a billion headphones in the last 30 yrs and non stay put the way these do, brilliant
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Stephen Thomas Scott
United Kingdom
6th January 2013

Avantalk Jogger Bluetooth Headset - Black.
I would tell a friend about these head phones in fact I have put them on my Facebook page. They are light and easy to use.
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Louise Chong
29th December 2012

Samsung galaxy S3, Samsung iPod/media player, satnav & incar Bluetooth
perfect for multiple Bluetooth gadgets
I took the opportunity of buying this compact headset at a sale price but now I hve used it, I know it's well worth it's full price. A very clever little bundle of technology, easy to use on multiple Bluetooth equipment. Brilliant.
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22nd December 2012

Ipod touch
Very handy
Lightweight, water resistant and almost imperceptible. Great sound and easy pairing. Especially good for working out.
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Andrew Taylor
Oldham UK
21st December 2012

iPhone 4
Good piece of kit
Whilst the button-press instructions are a little complicated (press momentarily or 2 seconds or 4 seconds or 8 seconds for different functions) it IS quite intuitive, pairs VERY easily and works very well. Best bluetooth phone contact of any personally worn device, stereo and sound quality is good; phone microphone function gets better audio reports than earpieces or the phone itself! Ear-buds were reported to fall off easily - haven't done for me... yet... Standby and talk time seem excellent. Next best thing to having a chip implanted in your head, I guess!
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14th September 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note (ICS) & Sony Ericson Cybershot
Joggers dream
Perfect bluetooth headset for jogging , gym workouts , mowing lawn etc.Golf as well ! Paired easily to both my mobile phones.Very light , Very good volume.Fits great once you have learnt best position for ear inserts then rear cable is snug against back of head.Controls excellent , battery life always over 3 hours. Minor drawbacks - slight soreness inside ears, speaker cover inserts sometimes come loose , looks 6 out of 10(no b,tooth headsets look brilliant). If your sports & music mad buy them you wont be disappointed.
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10th July 2012

Avantalk Jogger Bluetooth Headset
A Design Classic
Since I went Bluetooth with my first iPod Touch I have tried several makes & models of Bluetooth headphones for my gym workouts. They have all been either big & clumsy, heavier than workouts call for, not fitted my unexceptional head & ears so needed constant adjustment or had uncomfortable ear-buds, low volume or fiddly control buttons. What a relief to find a pair of earphones which have seem to have been designed by someone who actually uses earphones when he is jogging or working out. The Avantalk Jogger phones are so well designed they deserve a place in a design showcase. They consist of two 3.5cm circular earpieces with a soft matt finish and yellow edging, with projections to take nylon ear-buds on the inside surfaces. They are connected by a thin wire which springs naturally into a small shape and enables the complete phones to fit into the 13 x 9 cm drawstring bag provided. The controls consist of sensible-sized buttons on each earpiece for the different functions you would expect. Volume goes as high as some of the large phones I have used, which is certainly enough to cut out my gym's terrible music plus the thudding of treadmills. Pairing is the most straightforward I have used and the fit is a revelation. The earpieces fit into the ears - you can tell the right-hand one as the control buttons are fitted horizontally whilst the left side are vertical - and that thin spring wire between them shapes itself to put a gentle but firm pressure on the back of the head which keeps the phones exactly in place - no fiddling or adjusting! The only not-so-good features are the nylon ear-buds which do slip off and can easily get lost (replaceable via the Avantalk on-line shop or their local representative) but - and here's the great thing - they are not totally necessary. I have used these earphones without the buds and, such is the great design, they still stay in place and deliver great performance without the buds in the ears. The only difference is a slight diminution in the ambient noise damping and a marginal loss of music quality which, when I'm working out, I'm not too bothered about. I hope that Avantalk are paying the designer of this product a bonus to hang onto him (or her) as I really consider them a modern design classic and I am so pleased I found them in my search for the perfect Bluetooth headphones as they are a real pleasure to use.
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1st February 2012

Pleased but...
Works excellent with my iphone4 but try as I might it won't connect to PC or laptop, updated drivers & still won't
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Julian Brown
Northern Ireland
8th November 2011

Avantalk Jogger
These headphones are fantastic, I have tried loads of different types and prices and these win hands down on sound quality, comfort, convenience and value. I have bought another pair for a christmas present and am very seriously considering another pair for myself as a spare.
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Julie Henry
6th November 2011

Great product, swift delivery
Item was exacatly as per the description, works a treat and arrived in perfect condition in a speady fashion!
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1st November 2011

Quality Bargain
Avantalk Jogger Bluetooth Headset - Black. In the last six months I have bought 2 ear pieces The first one I could not get too fit at all- just dangled off my ear like an earing! ....Quality was rubbish The second was a bit bulky but fitted well, but the mic has decided to pack up.....quality was good when working! Both were more expensive. I have had the Avantalk for about a month now , it is so comfortable , this item will fit anyone I'm sure and the quality is superb ,everyone can hear me perfectly and I have the volume set about halfway it's that good.
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Louie K
9th February 2011

All I needed
Firstly the delivery time was excellent. I received the headphones the very next morning. Very easy to set up and connect with bluetooth device. I used my iphone and was connected in seconds. The controls are straight forward and easy to get to grips with. After fiddling about with the ear inserts the fit is ok. I used mine in the gym and on the running machine with no issue of coming loose or falling off. The only issue I have is the lack of volume the speakers deliver, but for the price and weight I dont expect them to be high quality in that department. Overall - Satisfied with service and goods.
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26th August 2010

Great ... But
They have fiddly rubber inserts that are easily lost, i have already lost one. they are very light weight but this does affect sound quality a little, They don't have nearly as much bottom end as many other headphones but i suppose there is always a trade off. I Like them, if i play decently encoded (320kbs) music they are loud enough to drown out the awful music playing in the gym, which for me is exactly what i got them for. they would get 5 stars if it wasn't for the stupid fiddly easily loose able ear inserts.
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