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Sorry, but Replacement Battery - iPhone 3G has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Replacement Battery - iPhone 3G

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Replacement battery for your iPhone 3G. Never run out of power again!

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20th November 2012

iPhone 3GS
It's a battery!
Exactly what it says on the tin; a battery complete with tools for fitting it.
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3rd January 2011

iPhone Battery
Delivery good considering bad weather. The kit looks just the job when I first opened the bag, no instructions included beware, okay where do I start, Stripping this phone down was extremely fiddley, the plastic removal tool was quite poor but i still managed, with a bit of luck, a little patience no a lot of patience, and a anti static band this can be done. I can't explain how to do this but just go to YouTube where you can get detailed advise, and do remove the camera if you don't you will never get the camera cable back on again this wasn't very clear on YouTube. Battery fitted for a week now and appears to be doing it's job.
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Derek Hayes
14th December 2010

Worth the struggle
It was not as easy as falling off a bike, but eventually I figured out what to do. Made the phone usable again, so was worth the struggle.
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Isle of Man
9th December 2010

Excellent value, quick delivery, but very fiddly.
Firstly, the delivery was outstandingly quick. Ordered in the afternoon yesterday and arrived in todays post, and I'm on the Isle of Man! The pack came with a small Phillips screwdriver, small flat head, case opener and the battery itself. The screwdrivers are self-magnetised which is very useful, but the case opener is pretty poor quality - let's just say it's a "one use only" type device. The pack came with no instructions, but a very good video tutorial can be found on YouTube by "pdaparts". The phone came apart easy enough, the snap connectors make that relatively easy. However, it is incredibly fiddly to get it back together. The camera connector is the most awkward, being tucked in a corner and upside-down. Connector 3 is the most fragile, so take extra care when reassembling - and be careful not flick off the black clip when handling the logic board when it's out of the case! This is certainly not for the faint-hearted - and you definitely need a good "techie" head on to do this, it's not for the average punter to do, you'll just end up breaking your phone otherwise. Great value replacement, super quick delivery, but Apple has made it nice and tricky to get it in there!
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27th May 2010

i-phone battery
a good quality battery and tools supplied,delivered quite quickly but more expensive than others instructions are too small to make any sense but there are videos available on the web which you can find easily many thanks
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17th February 2010

Not as easy as it looks
Its a replacement batt, seems to be ok and fits well. The rather sparse instructions are ok but not really detailed enough, in particular with reference to ribbon cable 3, this could have been made a lot clearer, i would recomend a google search on iphone batt replacement and find some nice clear instructions. If you can enlist a friend with fingers the size of a hamsters to help it'll be easier.Set aside approx 2 to 3 hrs ..
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