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Sorry, but Olixar Adjustable Dual Windscreen In Car Holder has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Olixar Adjustable Dual Windscreen In Car Holder

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Product Reference: 17476

Mount two mobile devices safely onto your windscreen with this sturdy and robust Olixar Adjustable Dual Windscreen Car Holder.

  • "Multi-gadget holder!"
  • "car holder"

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Darren Boss
22nd October 2016

Multi-gadget holder!
I have need for a two phone holder as one phone is my sat-nav and the other is to receive and send calls (Bluetooth of course) and this holds both securely. Very nice product and at a good price!
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11th July 2016

phone holder
bad product
Thus product does not stick to window as soon as you put your devices in it falls off
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Pat Have you ensured the clip has been released before attaching to the windscreen and then enabled once attached to ensure a secure fit? If you are still having problems, please contact our Customer Services team.
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9th June 2016

Galaxy S4 + Moto G3
Na wat gebruik
Heb deze duo houder nu een paar weken in gebruik, en nu beginnen de vervelende dingetjes toch wel echt merkbaar te worden. Ondanks dat systeem doet waar het voor bedoeld is, zijn er wel wat dingen waar ik me aan stoor ten op zichte van een merk specifieke houder: Beide houders zijn stapsgewijs in te stellen, en niet vloeiend. Dit maakt dat mijn telefoons net niet goed passen in de houders. Van een van de houders (op de foto rechts) zitten de klemmen zeer losjes in het apparaat, waardoor deze snel los komen en vallen in de auto. Door de manier waarop het is gemaakt kan ik ook niet goed bij de aan/uit knop van mijn telefoons, of kan ik de stroomkabel niet gemakkelijk kwijt.

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30th May 2016

Samsung Galaxy S4 en Motorola Moto G3
De houder is met de zuignap eenvoudig stevig vast te zetten aan de voorruit van de auto, en sterk genoeg om twee telefoons te houden. De armen zijn sterk genoeg om tijdens het plaatsen en verwijderen van de telefoons in plaats te blijven. Op iedere arm zit echter een ander bevestigingspunt, waardoor de houders niet uit te wisselen zijn. Van een van de twee laat de houder ook gemakkelijk los van de arm, waarna deze teruggeplaatst moet worden. Het slotje dat achter op de houder zit functioneert niet. Voor mij een groot nadeel is dat de armen niet ingesteld worden met veren en een rem, maar met tandwielen en een slotje, waardoor je verschillende "standen" hebt (per keer zo'n 6 millimeter) en geen soepele instelmogelijkheid hebt. Voor beide telefoons moet ik eigenlijk een stand hebben tussen de mogelijke standen die er zijn, waardoor de telefoons of te los, of te straks vast zitten tussen de klemmen. Geluk bij een ongeluk is dat ik voor de Moto G3 een hoesje heb dat het laatste gat opvult. Conclusie: Degelijk product, maar zou pas perfect zijn met een soepele instelmogelijkheid.

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28th November 2015

samsung & nokia
Does the Job
for the price, one of the better dual holders, the suction is very good and so far has held with 2 heavish phones, make sure you clean the windscreen properly before you use it. There is a slight bounce in the second arm on uneven ground but not annoyingly so. would recommend.
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10th September 2015

Hanfig, maar best groot!
Met deze houder kan je zowel je navigatiesysteem (TomTom) als je mobiele telefoon in de houder plaatsen. Het is een handige gadget, alleen erg groot op de voorruit. Op basis van de handigheid 5 sterren, vanwege de grootte 4..

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sucy en brie
2nd July 2015

galaxy note 3
un avis plutôt négatif
Le produit montre des problèmes au niveau du système de pince qui se bloque ou ne s'ouvre pas en même temps..donc un avis plutôt négatif.

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25th June 2015

Samsung Nte 2 and Garmin
Great for moms too!
This holder is so sturdy! Holds my Samsung Note 2, which is heavy and my Garmin. My Nissan has Bluetooth but when someone phones me my Nissan shows just the number. With this holder I am able to see who is phoning me. Also when a text comes through I can see quickly without touching my phone as it is just in front of me. This holder doesn't block any power/audio connection. The only downside is that it doesn't come with the rotate version anymore, like in the video. So to adjust you need to bend the arm of this holder, which is a bit tricky once it is very strong. The SUCTION is great and hard to take it off the windscreen... very good! Once my baby is able to sit as a front passenger I will use this holder to put videos for her.
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18th November 2014

LG g3
Franchement très bien une ventouse et deux supports. Mais j'ai fais marcher la ventouse deux fois et l'attache c'est cassée !! Heureusement un peu de super glue et tout est rentré dans l'ordre ! Je conseille ce produit car très pratique et les deux pattes sont bien rigides ainsi que les supports de bonnes qualités

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Mike Toms
22nd February 2014

sony xperia phone and nokia phone.
Ideal device to hold my two phones.
The device arrived within a couple of days and the despatch advice e-mail was very helpful. The device holds both my phones (private and work ) very well despite the phones being weighty, and the suction pad adheres well to the windscreen without dampening, and I have had to remove and attach several times due to different vehicles being used. I have not experienced any probelms with excessive wobble (apart from me sfter a few pints )...despite the phones being held at a distace on the stalks. A great space save device and I will be ordering a second one for my own car.
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17th January 2014

iPhone 4S & Blackberry Torch
At last the solution!
At last the solution to my in-car mobile phone needs. I have tried so many in-car holders and have had problems with all of them. I now have the ideal product that lets me hold and charge both an iPhone and a Blackberry and have them held securely with no vibration which makes them easy to use. The charger I have for both these units can also be easily used. I'm very happy - excellent value.
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Maggie bishop
27th December 2013

No suction
Tried everything to get this to stick to my windscreen for more than 30 seconds. Think you've done it then set off only for it to collapse into a heap on the car floor. Made sure the windscreen was clean, "didn't work" tried wetting the suction pad, that didn't work. Made sure the suction pad was dry,,,guess what, that didn't work.
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26th November 2013

Double support à fuir
Suivez mon conseil, ce support est certes bon marché mais de mauvaise qualité alors passez votre chemin et essayez de trouver un produit plus cher mais certainement de meilleure qualité.

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14th October 2013

iPhone 42 Samsung Galaxy S2
Everything about this item is solid and well built. The opening an closing mechanisms are smooth, well padded and adjustable. BUT for me the "Wobble" is totally unacceptable. The arms are thick, adjustable but the items held are constantly on the move. So the product is great, just not for me!
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17th June 2013

Preiswerte Alternative
Ich habe für Smartphone und Handy eine Alternative zum Kauf einer zweiten Halterung gesucht. Diese Lösung ist durchaus geeignet. Überrascht war ich allerdings über den doch erheblichen Platzbedarf. Letztendlich habe ich das Teil an der Seitenscheibe angebracht. Die Geräte sind jetzt teilweise neben-, teilweise übereinander positioniert. Das funktioniert sehr gut, da die beiden Halteschalen drehbar sind. Sollte das ganze wider Erwarten vorzeitig und unerwartet abfallen, werde ich diese Bewertung ergänzen.

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J.R. de Reijke
2nd April 2013

Verstelbare Dual Voorruit Autohouder
2 aan 1
Niet meer 1 of meerdere houders aan je raam, maar 1 zuignap met 2 armen om iets aan te bevestigen. Vergroot het kijkoppervlak (en daardoor de verkeersveiligheid) t.o.v. meerdere houders. Zeer tevreden dus.

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31st March 2013

galaxy s3
N'a jamais adhéré ni à mon pare brise ni à aucun type de vitre. Ventouse 0/20 !
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17th February 2013

iPhone 4S and Sony Xperia
Just what I needed
The idea is great and it fits well but the sponges are poor and two fell off in the first 2 weeks!!
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barrie v Thornley
17th February 2013

i phone samsung galaxy vertu
just what I needed
product is perfect for screen in my Truck.
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11th February 2013

HTC Desire and Tom Tom
This is really 1st class
have tried various other holders to no avail but this has such a good grip even when adjusting it whilst on th screen
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Robert McDowell
5th February 2013

Samsung Ace & Nokia C1
It has made life so much easier, I can see all my calls coming in, no more searching pockets whilst driving to see who I am talking to and Sat nav on phone is easy to follow now, which makes for safer driving. great value for money.
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2nd February 2013

handy halter
bin sehr zufrieden

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2nd February 2013

Tom Tom & iPad 3
Solving the problem
Just what I needed. I travel the country using my Tom Tom , but also need to keep in touch with my contacts. Strong suction holder lets me do both. Excellent product, very good value for money.
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1st February 2013

simply the best
Before this I have bought two different ones. They were not worth the effort. This is perfect for my galaxy note 2 LTE even with the flip case. Now I can stop shopping for windscreen phone holder
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1st February 2013

Samsung Note (in it's case) and Tom Tom Home
Ideal product
Service and delivery first class - as always from Mobile Fun. Produce easy to assemble and understand. Real benefit is that I don't have to stretch to the windscreen to affix my mobile any more. Everything is close at hand. A little difficulty in getting the holders to stay on the goose neck stalks. The lugs could be deeper for a better fit. Apart from that - great product.
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Donna Suchley
1st February 2013

Samsung S3
Adjustable Dual Winscreen Car Holder
This product is brilliant, I can now have both my Sat Nav and phone in one place. Bit fiddly to fit it together at first but once that done it brill. The one thing I love is because of the design you can still charge your products when your using them All in all BRILLIANT PRODUCT STRONGLY RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYONE and the price was excellent as well
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1st February 2013

Sat Nav and Mobile phone
Not Bad
The unit was as described. I found it a bit unwealdy to handle. I didn't want it stuck to the windscreen so attached the sucker to a mounting pad on dashboard. The grip for the sat nav. was not big enough for my Tom Tom 1005 and only fitted sidways so it was difficult to attach the power connector.
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31st January 2013

nexus4 and tom tom
does the job but !
the suction cup works fine for weight it has to carry and the holder for phone is good and keeps it in place without having to crush it. the holder for sat nav a bit of a let down for me as it doesnt quite grip the tom tom and the clasps are flimsy and won`t last long, The adjustable flexi arms work well and for cost overall is a good item.
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John Stewart
Johannesburg, South Africa
30th January 2013

iphone and Tom Tom
Having purchased items before from Mobile Fun and experienced problems with the regular postage systems, using the DHL Courier delivery service guaranteed safe and fast arrival. The Mobile Fun products are often unique and are always top quality, so it is no surprise to me, that items do disappear once arriving on foreign soil when using the regular postage. So take it from a seasoned client of Mobile Fun, use the fastest and safest method.
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30th January 2013

Samsung s3/Garmin nuvi sat nav
worst buy ever!!
When I purchased this item I thought it would be the end to an annoying problem....(separate phone/satnav car holders)..unfortunatly i am left bitterly disappointed!, would not stay put on the windscreen(simply unable to hold both the phone or sat nav) and fell off repeatedly...not wanting to damage my phone or sat nav would not chance using with both,so cut my losses and used it with just the chance of staying put.!.....after the 3rd day i thought id just give it another try.....the suction pad and inner pin fell apart.!!.! looking for a nice non bulky phone cradle(that stays put).....seems seperate is best!....good idea though.!
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7th January 2013

htc desire and tom tom sat nav
just what i needed
the holder does what it says holding both a mobile phone and sat nav where i can see and interact with highly recommend
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greg bridge
16th October 2012

iphone3g and samsung note
just what i needed
it is a very good idea i can have the two together without trying to find them when im driving and dont have to buy hands free kits i can just put speaker on
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grant ellerman
8th May 2012

Adjustable Dual Windscreen Car Holder.
great bit of kit
lovely little gadget . sticks like snot on the window even with my i phone and an mp4 player installed . The swivel heads are a really nice touch especially when watching video on the i phone
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Rhondda Cynon Taff
10th February 2012

Exactly what I was looking for
This item is exactly what I was looking for to hold my mobile and ipod in the car. Neat little holders that are adjustable. Great item at a great price.
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9th November 2011

Mon avis
Objet a la fois pratique utile et astucieux pour peu d'encombrement
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13th July 2011

Bonne fixation, orientable dans tous les sens. Le galaxy S2 ne tient pas dans la grande largeur, mais ce n'est pas grave car le support pivote dans le sens que l'on veut, on le fixe donc debout et on pivote ensuite. Les bras sont bien flexibles mais garde une bonne rigidité empêchant les trop forte vibrations. Il y a un système pour bloquer le support en position horizontale ou verticale. Les mâchoires sont dotées de mousses qui protège vos appareils. Bon matériel et après avoir fait une dizaine de site il est bien le moins cher sur mobilefun.
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27th June 2011

Très pratique
Deux formats différents permettant de mettre d'un coté le GPS et de l'autre un téléphone. Les deux socles de maintient tournent, les crans sont protégés de mousse, la ventouse est puissante et les bras sont solides et rigides... je recommande...
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12th May 2011

does what it says
Amazing value , feels robust good strong suction to wind screen , note if your charging port is on the side of phone or p d a not ideal although the larger holder has more room.
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4th April 2011

Great product
Does exactly what it says on the tin and reasonable priced. I use it for my iphone and Blackberry and it holds the weight of both no problem. In fact I'd say it could easily hold 2 tom tom's if you needed too.
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Mark Lett
Wexford, Ireland
7th September 2010

Top Holder
The Dual Car Holder is everything I expected with the surprise of 2 photo holders. It took five mins. from opening to having both mobile & iPod up & running for a journey. Highly recommend.
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andy james
21st April 2009

car holder
car holder arrived this morning great service cheers
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