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Sorry, but Supertooth Disco Bluetooth Stereo Speaker has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Supertooth Disco Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

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Product Reference: 15941

The Supertooth Disco is a portable and autonomous Bluetooth stereo speaker.

  • "Excellent speaker - highly recommended"
  • "Superb Sound"

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21st February 2014

Supertooth Disco
I ordered a supertooth disco, it arrived as the website stated. The supertooth is great!. The website had all the information about the product I needed. Thank you
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17th February 2014

supertooth disco
this an awesome product, great value for money, it is better than i thought it would be, battery life is great about 4 hours at full volume, about 2 hours with sub on, and about 10 at half volume, it is clear at high volume, i can even here it at the beach about 30 meters away, blue tooth range is very good to, 10 meters away is no problem with my sony expiria Z1, i had a problem with my 1st one, mobile zap replaced it quickly with no dramas, great product awesome company 10 stars out of 5
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8th February 2014

LG TV, Samsung Galaxy S III mini, Acer Netbook and desktop PC and iPod Classic
Excellent speaker - highly recommended
I had a Logitech iPod station which saw use and abuse at home and abroad for over 5 years but it eventually needed replacement. I now use this with both Bluetooth connection to the phone which now can replace the iPod. We have an LG TV with awful on board speakers so the Supertooth is in daily use on this TV for an hour or so and so far on just one charge. I will also use it in our motorhome with laptop/netbook connection. The subwoofer makes this an impressive speaker. For World travel I have the excellent Sonivo SW100 and for the combined price have the best of both worlds replacement for the Logitech speaker.
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24th December 2013

Very good
Works fine in my car with Olympus 12V charger. Very good quality. Recommended
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Queensland, Australia
30th October 2012

Supertooth Disco Review
I have been looking around for a long time for a portable speaker to use at work in a rather noisy environment. So the most important thing for me was volume, and this certainly is loud for a battery powered, portable speaker. The thing I found most difficult to find out about speakers was how loud it really was because all reviews never really gave much of an idea. So this is my description- with the speaker in my bedroom, with door closed, I could still hear it clearly about 10m down a hallway in the kitchen, while there was a tv going at normal volume in the lounge which is the same room basicly. Connecting with blutooth was very simple. Does'nt seem to be much noticeable difference in sound using blutooth or cable to connect to speaker. Battery life is pretty much exactly as it says in the description. I fully charged it and left it run on near full volume and it lasted about 3.5 hours. Sound quality is not outstanding at high volume but if you need it that loud you probably would'nt be close enough to notice too much. I'm very happy that I bought this.
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23rd August 2012

Galaxy Y
This is a brilliant buy for the money paired straight away with my phone and I can also hard wire it to my Ipod. Excellent sound and volume and as with most things from Mobile Fun is excellent value for money.
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south west
9th March 2012

i recently purchased the supertooth disco for my girlfriend to listen to the music stored on her phone. I had spent a long while searching for a bluetooth speaker that was a fair product for a fair price and eventually went for this one. WHAT A RESULT. Paired with phone and playing music under 2 minutes, but most outstanding is the sound quality. Sound from a stand alone speaker will never be to the same standard as multiple speaker systems but this comes pretty damn close. I had been about to treat myself to a bose soundlink for my laptop but after installing bluetooth adapter and pairing up with this one (about 10 mins total) I think i will be purchasing another supertooth for myself and keeping the £150 price difference in my back pocket. Excellent service and delivery. Excellent product.
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Kit Byatt
19th February 2012

Great piece of kit!
As others have said, this speaker is a great compromise between size and sound. Works fine with my HTC Desire Z. It took me a little while to see how to set the speaker to 'connect' mode (hold down the on switch for a few seconds until the LED flashes blue/red alternately) then it was a breeze. This unit produces great sound, whilst being easily portable - I've not needed either full volume or the bass boost yet! The absence of wires in Bluetooth mode is really convenient (although you can also connect via its 3.5mm headphone audio socket if you wish). I've had no interference with my wifi network. The sponge lined case looks simple but stylish and gives great protection. There's an elastic strap at one end to hold your phone/MP3 player (if you really want to). I'm delighted with it; it's now my main music speaker at home and well worth the price.
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1st August 2011

Supertooth disco bluetooth speaker.
Excellent service from mobilefun. ,atchwd by excellemt quality of the speaker. Ipad paired within literally one min on unpacking!! Samsung galaxy s2 took about 5mins as it had to pair through the music player on the phone rather than as a straight bluetooth device, but that's a comment on the phone, not the speaker. Great quality, good price. Wrll done mobilefun!
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Keith Williams
11th March 2011

Cracking quality and practicality
I had previously bought a high quality iphone docking station for 3 times the price of the 'supertooth disco',and it certainly does't sound 3 times better. I was more than pleasantly surprised with the sound quality, indeed I very rarely need to use the 'bass boost' option. Ironically the other product is almost 3 times the size too and relies on being plugged into the mains. The portability of the supertooth is amzing,a full charge seems to last ages and, so far, the reliabliity of the sound streaming (ie bluetooth connectivity) betwen the unit and my i-phone has been 100% i would recommed it very highly !.
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christian crowe
24th December 2010

very surprised !
After researching and reading other reviews I brought the supertooth disco speaker. This one blows the others out of the water!! several of my friends have ,and are going to buy these. May even get a spare myself :-). Pairing was easy once I installed new drivers.
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12th July 2010

Review update
I have been using these speakers for a month or two now and im very pleased with them, however I have spotted a problem with them. I use them with my laptop and they work great apart from they cause interference with my wifi network connection causing internet radio to buffer and cut out when the speakers are connected via bluetooth. This dose not happen if you connect via the cable. I have tried various channels on my wifi router but still it cuts out when connected via bluetooth. Apart from this the blutooth works fine when not using wifi and also works great with my nokia 5800 xpress music. Not sure how to fix this problem. I could try getting an extention cable for my usb bluetooth adaptor to move it away from the laptop and see if that helps. Just somthing to bear in mind when buying this. Great sound and battery life is awsome.
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10th June 2010

supertooth stereo speaker
Easy to set up, had music playing within mins (after charging the unit) The sound is good, bass is reasonable for somthing this size, if you have a set of speakers that run on 4 AAA batterys or simular then this will kick its rear end into orbit. I would have liked a way to charge the speakers from your cars cigar socket for more flexability. The power input on the back of the speaker says 12v dc, and the AC adaptor outputs 14v dc so in theory you could charge it from your car with the right cable i guess, but at £80 i dont want to risk trying that yet. The carry case its self is nice, but would be better if it had room for the charger and a pocket to stick your phone in would be great. 4/5 due to its high price and lack of charging options.
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Mick Nolan
21st February 2010

Superb Sound
I was pleasantly surprised at how well this,sounded when one considers its size and portability.A dream to connect to phone (Samsung Tocco Lite + Nokia 3500)and Viao laptops running Vista Business and Home Premium.Shipped with cleaver proctective case + 240v recharger ( Shame not rechargeable using usb) Neverthelessa great speaker for the money.Highly recommend.
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