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Sorry, but Cellular Line Retractable Micro USB Car Charger has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Cellular Line Retractable Micro USB Car Charger

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The Cellular Line retractable Micro USB car charger will keep your device fully charged between journeys. Ideal for use with heavy battery draining apps, such as navigation apps and music streaming services.

  • "Great Charger"
  • "works fine with HTC desire + satnav"

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20th October 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Good Italian Chinese charger
I like this a lot, only downside is that there is absolutely no information anywhere about the max. output of this charger but today i tested this with my brand new Note 2 and it is charging very fast. From 83% to 95 in 15 minutes.
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Tony Broom
United Kingdom
19th September 2011

Useful item
Bought a couple of theses for use in our cars. It's really nice not having cables coiled about the dashboard. They are, I feel, a little pricey.
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17th August 2011

Not used it yet but!
Bought this after several instances of been out and about in my car with a flat phone! But murphys law this hasent happened since buying. However seems a good quality product can tell it's Italian design as very stylish and matches car interior design ! Usual good service from mobile fun
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joseph muffitt
leeds wakefield
22nd July 2011

just what i needed
As above and all runing ok so far.
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Mark Wilson
26th June 2011

Very good product charges the phone very quickly. Pin insertion not as easy as the mains charger.
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15th June 2011

No more hassle of the ugly looking winding cords! This was a good find on the net and I would highly recommend the charger.
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3rd May 2011

Great item
Great - no trailing cables in the car and a good price.
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Keith Lewis
30th April 2011

Retractable charger
Nice little charger, but the cable is a little flimsy.
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31st March 2011

Handy item
Does what it says on the tin.... Useful for me for long journeys or using the navigation on my Nexus as it eats battery. Stores away tidily.
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Gavin Conway
28th March 2011

Good Product
The retract is good and strong, it feels well built though time will tell. Overall a good, simple, effective design. Very pleased with this.
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18th March 2011

Neat car charge solution
I like the retractable cable but could do with the cable being a few inches longer for use in my car. Otherwise this is just what I wanted to keep my mobile phone charged when on the move.
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13th January 2011

"Neat Neat Neat"
to quote The Damned song. Does the job perfectly and, as mentioned in many reviews, contracting cord keeps things neat. Also, cord is more like string than wire, so even if not taught doesn't 'poke out' where not wanted.
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24th December 2010

just the job
Simple and easy to use, no extra wire in the way near your gearstick,excellent!.
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10th December 2010

if only everything in life was retractable........
A cheeky little car charger. The retractable nature of it is superb. No messy wires everywhere.
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7th December 2010

Nice idea!
As soon as I saw a car charger with a retractable cable was available, I jumped to buy it. Such a great idea. And this is a good quality product.
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hugh hunter
25th November 2010

retractable car phone charger
Neet, clean line design and well made. Exelent service from MobileFun.
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28th October 2010

Fantastic idea for a charger. Slim and makes the car look more tidy when u recline the wire. One of the best chargers around.
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25th October 2010

Cellular Line Retractable Car Charger
Good design, stylish, compact and well built. Makes a traditional car charger look philistine.
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13th October 2010

Very useful and Practical
This is a really useful and practical piece of kit and does not leave cables hanging etc, and stores away nicely in the glovebox when not used. Can also be slipped in the pocket for use in other vehicles!
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Lynne Hartman
1st October 2010

In car charger
Best thing I have ever bought works wonderfully and the extension lead is brill
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30th September 2010

Nice design but may not be for X10 owners
I bought this charger for use with my Sony Ericsson X10. The charge looks nice and fits well with the styling of my car. The retractable nature of the lead was the big selling point for me as it keeps it tidy. Still not completely convinced at the rate of charging as especially when I am using the GPS navigation the charge given may not quite be as much as the drain of running the GPS (though this seems to be a commmon problem of in-car chargers and modern phones with their high power consumption).
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Melvin R
Herefordshire, UK
24th September 2010

Retractable Car Charger - MicroUSB
Charges, retracts - so it does what it says! Could be a bit bulky for some cars; solid body leaves ~2" out of socket - and plug adds another 1" when not connected. neat touch (but could be annoying if you forgot it was there!) is that it's fused inside the charger itself. BTW, 18:30 order shipped by 18:38 and arrived by post by 09:30 next day: excellent service.
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Eric Waley
21st September 2010

A really useful gadget
This is one of those "toys" that you don't really need but wondered how you did without. For anyone that drives a lot and has a phone that gets through battery life fast, then this is invaluable. I spend a lot of time in the car and use my phone for GPS, music playback and sometimes as a phone on bluetooth. This gadget lets me keep it up atfull power all the time and does it neatly,no trailing wires getting caught up in the gear stick. Ialso have a double socket device so I just leave this in the car all the time ready to be used,
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Jim graham
Stockton on tees
17th September 2010

Line retractable car cell phone charger
Works like a dream as long as you get your fingers out of the way. Good long lead and very rapid retraction dead easy to use and very quick charging.
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15th September 2010

Nice light weight handy charger! retracts speedily,good construction,only negative point, would have liked a bit more cable, descent price, would recommend!!!
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8th September 2010

Does what it says on the tin!
A good quality charger. The main selling point is the retractable cable which makes it very tidy when not in use.
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6th September 2010

X10 In Car Charger
This charger is great! no excess wire hanging down when the charger is plugged in. The thin cable can be pulled out easily and it fits easily into my car's cigarette charger point. A good buy and not the dearest charger on the market.
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1st September 2010

Good cheap car charger
Mainly bought this as it was the cheapest compatible car chargeer for my phone. It has the now fairly standard micro USB (NOT mini USB) connector so works with a lot of new phones. Good length, good retraction. Only thing I'm not sure about is the durability of the wire, it's the very thinnest of USB power cables. The retractability is OK, but I'd probably prefer a coiled type wire instead with greater thickness and shielding. Not bad though considering the price of others.
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30th August 2010

Good all-round item easy to use and store away. Do use for mobile and sat nav in different vehicles would recommend
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19th August 2010

retractable charger
Great gadget,no messy wires,neat and compact,good buy.
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15th August 2010

If a car phone charger can be sexy ....
then this achieves it. Just great. It works and is easy. Good price too.
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6th August 2010

Length of lead
This would have been just what I was looking for, but... The lead is only 95cm? What a pity. If the phone is mounted to the right of the driver (not blocking the view through the windscreen), and the socket is mounted on the driver's left, at least one and a half metres are needed. Preferably 2 metres. If it becomes available with 2 metres I'll certainly buy it.
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