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Olixar Universal Smartphone Windscreen In-Car Holder

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Keep your smartphone safe and secure in view on your car windscreen with the rotatable and adjustable Olixar universal car holder.

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Halls Head
24th March 2017

Happy with my order
Just received my windscreen in-car holder. Very happy with my order an amount of time it took to arrive. Thank you
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Newcastle, NSW
10th March 2017

Good product overall
The cradle holds the phone tightly and swivels easily. Easy to install and adjust. Tends to vibrate a bit while driving but this is not a huge issue. An improvement would be a system to lock the position of the phone (horizontal or vertical) as in the landscape orientation the cradle tends to droop with the weight of the phone.
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31st January 2017

I like it. it is working perfect.
Works perfect.
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Lynne Crisp
11th August 2016

Olixar Smartphone holder
Very pleased with this holder, but I don't like removing my phone from it's case which makes it a little loose in the grips (and I worried when going over road humps) I put a hair band around it and now it stays in place!
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Graham Swainson
7th June 2016

Olixar Universal Smartphone Windscreen In-Car Holder
Does the job effectively
Having bought a new phone, needed a holder so I could use it in the car for navigation. This product was economically priced, and, when it arrived I discovered it did exactly what I needed. The only slight caveat I would have is that the flexible gooseneck stalk is a little bit stiff to change, but as you need to find a position once, then leave alone, this is not a problem.
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Paul bliss
27th August 2015

Very happy
Well made ,great suction to windscreen holds phone well only down side is the phone bouncers around a bit on bumpy/bad roads (while in holder)but otherwise very happy
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North Yorkshire
10th August 2015

4Arm universal smartphone windscreen in car holder
Good for the price, but not the best holder I've had
I upgraded my smartphone recently from a Samsung S3 to the S5. The in car holder I had for the S3 was by iGrip, only fitted the S3, so I had to find a new holder. The holder from iGrip for the S5 was too expensive, so I read the reviews on Mobile Fun and tried to pick the best at a reasonable price. The price was good, the product OK. First of all it's not as good as the iGrip, as it is made to fit lots of different phones. You can adjust the width fitting, but it seems the S5 is about as big a phone as will fit. Due to that it is a bit fiddly to put into and take out of the holder. There are foam pieces to hold the phone in place, so that makes it even more snug. However, it's not impossible and once inserted the phone is held snuggly, no change of slipping. It was easy to attach to the wind screen. I also find when driving fast it does vibrate a lot on the "goose neck", making it a little hard on the eyes at times. For the price I think it's a very good in car holder, I would recommend it as a budget product. As always the delivery and service from Mobile Fun were great and I will be using them again in the future.
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james paton
8th June 2015

phone holder
i bought one of mobile phones stick to the window phone holders, at first i was a bit weary of buying it thinking it would fall of the window all the time, so out i went to the car stuck it to the window and put my expensive i phone 6 on the cradle the phone set to warn of speed cameras , ive been driving around for a few weeks now and the phone cradle has stuck firmly to the window, its great for answering your phone or not answering when you see the ppi numbers coming up,it has never fell of yet through cold mornings and speed bumps, and as i live in Glasgow we have had plenty of cold mornings, im still waiting to go out one morning and the cradle laying on the dash board, well that day has not came yet and my phone with the speed camera settings are still going strong, even made me aware of a few speed cameras hidden by tree branches, even though i try sticking to the speed limit,its hard when you have got the mrs beside you bending your ear and your not paying attention to your speed, its very easy to wonder by the limit, so my mobile phone cradle has more than enough payed for its self, so ive had many weeks of hands free motoring, still clinging to the window well, since i first put it on so all in all a goog buy from mobile fun, i love it yessss
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21st October 2014

HTC One M8
It's all right
My phone fits in the holder fine. The previous arm I had I think had a longer stork but this one is sufficient. It does suffer from vibration when the phone is in the holder but its largely dependant on the road surface and how fast you are going. A majority of my mileage is done on the motorway. It does vibrate a little when there is no phone engaged which causes a mildly irritating noise but you soon get used to it.
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19th October 2014

Nokia Lumia 625
A decent product
Fits the Nokia Lumia 625 well - doesn't obstruct any buttons or connections. Feels a little flimsy and arm vibrates so need to position phone and arm so pressing into dashboard for extra stability. All in all, not bad for the money as I will only use it occasionally but perhaps consider spending a bit more if you're planning to use it day-in day-out.
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9th October 2014

fone holder
Best buy in a while.
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Richard Vaal
14th October 2013

Blackberry Curve
It works
I bought this product to replace a similar item which eventually fell apart after a few years use. The flexible arm is quite stiff but the benefit is that once adjusted it holds its position well. I have attached the holder to the side window of my van and it holds my phone steady(no vibration) and the screen is clearly visible.
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6th October 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3
Excellent Value for Money
Excellent grip and release mechanism for the phone. Very flexible arm. A well thought-out product. Only criticism is the arm is less rigid than I would like, which leads to the phone vibrating; hence, can be awkward to touch the screen in the right place at first stab.
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Craig M
Galashiels, Scotland- UK
23rd July 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4
All rounder!
The product is really good value for what you get. Positives: Good value for money, the suction is great and holds on the phone weight, the neck can be moulded and it won't move an inch, fitting perfectly to where you want it rather than the old fashioned holder. Soft cushion padding, not to scratch the sides. Negatives: Phone might slip through the holder down when on rough bumpy roads, It doesn't always, 98% of the times it has stayed on, just make sure the phone is straight! if you feel its slipping off, just reach out and straighten it! Great value for money, can't argue with it. Fits all phones. Wanted to opt to buy a cheap holder for my S4 rather than invest in something expensive. But this works just as fine! Can use it for the family's iPhone aswell :)
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Bromley, Kent
9th July 2013

Nokia Lumia 520
Ideal for our vans
I didn't want to throw our new phones into the ashtray or cup holders so wanted to get a windscreen or dashboard holder. Saw these on Mobile Fun and they work absolutely fine. They've been on stuck on the windscreens now for a week and haven't fallen off. You can adjust the arm and move the holder round. With the phone on speaker it works really well in our big van for hands free use.
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The Demon Barber
United Kingdom
20th May 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4
Great piece of kit but..........
This is a brilliant concept! Great suction cup, the same as a much more expensive holder I have which never fails. The grip is superb on my device, I have no fear of it falling out. Only downside the grip section feel of while adjusting. Once I had repaired with some 'No Nails', it is great.
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12th July 2012

Good and bad
Good....holds my phone much more securely than the previous holder that I had...before it broke. Great value for money. moves around much more than my previous holder when driving as the arm that the holder is held on is not as solid as the previous holder that I had.
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18th August 2011

Very good and useful
Recently purchased this as a replacement to the same one I had before (also purchased from Mobile Fun). Very pleased with it and you can use it for different phones which means it can serve you for years after upgrading your phone
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New Barnet
15th July 2011

Universal Phone Holder - Windscreen
Bit cheap but then it was. Does the job though. Not sure how long it will last.
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T Dunn
15th June 2011

Windscreen phone holder
Delivery prompt, price reasonable, item as described & very useful
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17th May 2011

does what it says on the tin
For the price this is a great holder... a little floppy..... but as I said for the price........
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26th April 2011

Good holder for price.
I bought this to hold my iPhone, iPod, Dell Axim and my Motorola Defy (obviously not at the same time). They all fit without any issue, however if like on my Defy the charging slot is on the side then that will be covered by the arms. For £5 it is a bargain. I also don't find it shakes to much when driving (VW Transporter T4). The arm is quite stiff.
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25th April 2011

Simply Great
This holder does what it says on the box --- simple to use and solid when in place - I even use it to hold my camera/phone which records in HD video my journey. It is solid and doesn't wobble when driving along.
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Greg Thompson
15th April 2011

More than does the job
Holder is for my HTC desire, fits it well and used it on my side quarter window of new shape Astray. Again its well and stuck firmly to the window. The long arm is family steady although has some bounce in it buy is steady with the phone in the holder. Only rattles slightly of the holder is empty. I use to buy more expensive purpose made holders but for the price of this holder it is excellent value and worth a look. To be honest at 1/10th the cost of a bespoke model you can't go wrong.
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Deryck Stidolph
Newcastle upon Tyne
24th March 2011

Good value for money!
I'm really pleased with the holder. It holds firmly on the windscreen and neither holder or phone have fallen yet and I've had for six mionths or so. I think it is good value for money and I will most likely keep it for several years to come. Only downside is that it does wobble slightly but I read that about it on previous reviews but it didn't stop me from buying it and now I have one I don't find it a problem, not with my iphone 4 anyway.
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24th February 2011

Excellent value for money.
I ordered this for my Nokia C7 and it does the job really well. Really good suction when attached to the windscreen but does tend to jiggle a bit on bumpy roads... All in all, a great product for the money. I will recommend to others. Super quick postage!
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1st February 2011

very handy tool
Ideal for my transit van,just stick on my windscreen so I can use my sat-nav on my phone and also take calls with my headset.
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South east England
12th January 2011

Unbeatable for the price
This is a basic generic holder that ticks all the boxes. Good options for fitting, flexible in all the right angle, secure hold of the phone, secure screen mount sucker. Only comment would be its seems a little creaky in quality but is unbeatable for the price.
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12th January 2011

Just what I needed
Very well made and of solid construction. I like the idea of the picture frame as well. Only problem is because of the length of the arm, it bounces around a bit, but because I use it with handsfree, I can live with it.
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Nick Scarborough
3rd January 2011

The phone holder itself, was perfect for the job, great value for money and just what I was looking for. What was disappointing - very poorly packaged damaged on arrival and because of the new year bank holidays I still have not got a replacement.
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6th December 2010

Universal Phone Holder - Windscreen
Great product, stays fixed to the windscreen, very adjustable both for position and size/type of phone. Only downside is that it does vibrate quite a lot but this does not affect viewing the screen.
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2nd December 2010

Universal Phone Holder - Windscreen.
It is good value for money, the button which pressing the vacuum cir-cul to the windscreen is not that easy to use, have to press hard, but rather than that is good purchase
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Mr S Scott
1st December 2010

Phone cradle for car
Easy to fit and to use.
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2nd November 2010

does what it says on the box
Simple and cheap, happy with purchase. First holder broke on first use but it was replaced very quickly with no hassle at all.
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A C Gaylor
28th October 2010

Satisfied Customer
Good price, prompt delivery and it does exactly what it says. Have had no problems with it so far. Only thing I have noticed is that the flexible arm tends to wobble when you are driving.
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12th October 2010

Good job for the money
Strong suction to the window. Grips the phone well (HTC Hero in my case) Swivel is a nice feature. Only minor point is that it wobbles a bit when driving. No big deal, just not as solid as my sat nav holder for example. All in all I am happy with it considering what I paid.
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Laura Kidd
15th September 2010

This is my second one I was a little devastated when my first one broke! But I notice the design has changed slightly for the better and for the cost its not the end of the world to replace it. It works on both my Samsung and my Blackberry and is easy to remove you need to. Its very sturdy and holds your phone nice and complaints
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21st August 2010

Cheap, discreet and practical
Was a bit dubious about purchasing this product as it was so cheap. However I bought it with the clip and talk bluetooth car kit. Works a treat and is very versatile. Able to fit various makes of phone. Good stuff
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18th August 2010

Universal Phone Holder - Windscreen
A good adjustable holder,all phones should fit. Abit awkward if you want to take off screen, but does the job required of it.
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14th August 2010

does a decent job
A bit bulky to look at but for the price it does the job very well
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12th August 2010

Windscreen Holder
Does as on the tin great price speedy delivery what more can u ask
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Peter Lewis
27th July 2010

Car Kit
Car kit fine however had to glue two pieces back together --no big deal.
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Anthony Lalor
Dublin Ireland
13th July 2010

Phone Holder
This a very quick and handy of holding you phone to you car screen and good value for the price it could be a little bit more sturdy holding the phone but I would recommend it to people that leave the phone for long journeys rather that short trips
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25th May 2010

OK for this price. The one that I received is not exactly the same. I can put a picture on it.
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david lawrence
tunbridge wells
25th February 2010

very pleased.
very pleased with your quick service. item well packed. would certainly use you again thanks.
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Minehead, West Somerset
23rd February 2010

windsreen holder
First one would not stick to my windscreen, e;mailed them and they dispatched another the same day.Perfect fit for my Samsung Tocco, keeps me legal. Great service will be back for more.
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Ian Elliott
Northern Ireland
17th November 2009

Cheap and Cheerful
Well for a fiver its hard to fault this. The suction seems good and it will fit most phone fine and hold them as good as some of the more expensive holders although it holds best if rested against the dash. Arm flexible but still holds adequately firm when fixed into required position. Only issue I have is that the space from bottom to side seems smaller than in the picture. My phones charging slot is in the bottom left of the phone and from the picture it looks as if theres more than enough room to get the charger in however theres barely 0.5-1cm from the bottom to the side and as the sides not adjustable I cant use it as pictured with the car charger. However I found a workaround was to turn it upside down and have the phone rest on the dash with the top of the phone snugly held by the bottom of the holder. So far so good and it holds the phone decently secure although I have gotten a little vibration noise here and there depending on the road/engine speed but so far it holds good enough for the price.
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George Cruickshank
Lanark, UK
6th December 2008

This is ideal for mobile phones. Doesn't suit Tom Tom one though. Noticed that someone said the arm is not flexable. It is. I thought it wasn't but it just needed a wee bit of manipulation. All in All well worth a fiver.
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Nadine Mesmar
Chertsey, UK
3rd October 2008

It is very good and can hold almost anything but it can break easily and the suction can start to weaken over time. But for £5,00 it is a nice thing to buy for the price.
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15th September 2008

Works on the Nokia N95
recently purchased for my Nokia N95. At first thought i would have to cut the bottom off to allow me to access the charge port but simply turned it upside down & clamped it a bit tighter. Works perfect well worth the money & doesn't interfere with the slider.
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10th January 2008

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Rob Strzelecki
25th June 2007

Not bad for a fiver...
For the price it's pretty good. If you have an N95 it will fit but using the slider can be tricky as the foam pads holding the phone also touch the slider. If you want to charge the phone using an in car charger be warned, the left hand base support gets in the way of the N95 charging socket. Hacksaw soon sorts that!
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Chesterfield, UK
23rd June 2007

It bounces a little bit
Been using this for about a month now and I love it. I did find that it tended to be a bit bouncy in the car until i angled it so the phone holder just rests on the top of the dashboard - problem solved! For the money it's great!
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Mr Paul Davison
15th June 2007

Holds the phone well and stops vibrations
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Mr Mike Samra
24th April 2007

Great product. Although be careful taking off the windscreen as my first one broke. This is the second one i have ordered.
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