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Olixar Universal Smartphone Windscreen In-Car Holder

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Keep your smartphone safe and secure in view on your car windscreen with the rotatable and adjustable Olixar universal car holder.

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Brisbane, Queensland
14th December 2015

not bad for this product
I am happy with this and it does a reasonable job
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16th November 2015

Poorly made
well to start off with it is shipped and packaged well, but the item is in 2 pieces n that's fine as well. The mount with the suction cup on it is very well built. the head its self though is a cheap plastic and the head does not stay on the mount if bumped even slightly. so i glued it to the mount. one must be careful doing this though due to if the glue gets too deep into the head one will not be able to rotate the head to the sideways position.
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6th March 2015

Item delivered as described.
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26th February 2015

HTC one M8
Solid build, bottom RHS rest blocks headphone socket though.
Holds phone fine and solid (once I found the rotation lock, its on the back btw). Only issue is the bottom RHS rest blocks the headphone jack. I like using the headphone jack in my car to listen to my media but the rest blocks this. Other than that its well built, solid and functional (just).
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14th December 2014

It's a good holder but the rubber parts on each side needs to be glued in by yourself, as they fall off, try not to use to much force to close it
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16th March 2014

This phone holder is way to flimsy. It vibrates like an earth quake. It rotates way to easy and shifts with every bump in the road. The suction cup is good and it does hold the phone nice and tight. I would not recommend.
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8th November 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3
Not quite up to the job
I've had a few mounts over the years and needed a new one after I sat on the last! I saw this and thought I would investigate an adjustable one as both my wife and I use my car (she insists on using an iPhone). Having previously been reluctant due to concerns that it wouldn't hold the phone well enough I was pleasantly surprised to find this isn't the case and the clamping and unclamping mechanism works well. The same goes for the suction cup which attached easily to the screen and has been sat securely there ever since- not always a given with some of the mounts in the past. The arm is also good and is flexible enough to get the phone where you want it but stiff enough to not move around too much during the drive. The place this item lets itself down is the roatation of the mount to display the phone in landscape or portrait mode. It just seems not quite strong enough to deal with the weight of a smart phone sticking out of the top of it. With the hard suspension in my car and the quality of roads in London, the bumping has caused the phone to spin around a couple times. Overall I was impressed with the mount but it could have been so much better!
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8th May 2013

iPhone 5
No good with audio jack
Bought this to use with my iPhone 5 but the holders on the bottom line up exactly with the headphone jack which is no good for me as I plug in via this jack as I don't have bluetooth. Other than tht, build quality is pretty cheap and didnt sit very straight.
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3rd March 2013

not bad, not great
Ok phone holder, holds my HTC Touch Dual well. Lots of vibrations while driving though! Good for the price.
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Geoff Bell
12th December 2011

grief saver!
Excellent,solid and firm mounting for mobile phone and sat. Nav.
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Mark Cornell
28th July 2011

Does the job
Can't really complain for the price! Quality of plastic is fairly poor and the arm tends to bounce around a bit, but it does the job ok.
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19th May 2011

Good product, but Fail!
Can't fault the product quality...for the price it isn't bad, although one of the foam protectors broke in the 1st week. However, there is a more general issue...This product is USELESS if you have a phone with any connector (especially for power) that you want to use whislt in the cradle as the side grips are too large and have no gaps. Without the connector in, though, the phone is held securely and, so far, the suction grip has been good, too.
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3rd May 2011

Universal Phone Holder - Windscreen
It's ok I think it should have a shorter arm,it tends to shake too much whilst driving. Other then that very useful at least it hold your mobile in one place. I have bought two and would buy another one.
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1st February 2011

Ok but not amazing - cheaply made but to be expect
Cradle is ok I purchased for Samsung Omnia 7 (awesome phone from 3 uk) but I had to cut bit of the soft padding off to stop the camera from going off every second or so!! The phone cradle vibrate terribly over tiny bumps and means it is hard to press accurately on screen. it will tie me over till I change cars in a few months at which point I'll get a professional parrot kit installed
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Christian Mesmar
12th November 2010

It's OK
When mine arrived, there was no instructions, so i had to guess how to release the suction, i thought that you had to pull it, but i tried pulling it and the top section of the suction chipped off! so now I can only use the 2nd strongest suction position. It holds my nokia n95 fine but when your nokia n95 is on 'the stand, you can't slide it up and down, the gps on the nokia n95 works fine and if you just want to buy a product that holds your phone for 5 poungd its good.
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19th October 2010

Clamps Too Big
Bought this for my HTC Wildfire. It certainly holds the phone however if you wish to use the power heavy functions on the HTC like the Sat Nav then the clamps block the power cable input. The arm is a bit long so if you have a heavy phone then it does wobble a bit when driving. However it clamped well to the window and otherwise seems of sturdy construction.
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4th October 2010

Universal Phone Holder - Windscreen
Bargin price but fiddly at times to fit suction button rather awkward but when fixed very good.
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Aminul Hussain
London, UK
5th August 2009

Good for the price
This mobile holder is quite good for the price you will pay. It does the job. Problems: Cheap plastics, one of the plastic locks broke when I tightened it. Shakes a lot when driving, almost feels like your phone will fly out of the window.
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Paul Martin
20th October 2008

Suction Problem?
Almost a great buy, but I seem to be having a suction problem... seems to attach securely (to the point where it'd be impossible to pull off without breaking the windscreen), but after a few minutes it just falls off for no apparent reason. If anyone's got any ideas as to why, I'd like to hear them!
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James Moore
1st March 2007

Good for HGVs
Mine came yesterday, shaft not flexible as advertised but i wanted it for my lorry at work so not a problem for me as windscreen is vertical, if you got a car with a steep angled windscreen the phone will be pointing at the floor !. Suggest you look at other holders.Good price though and delivery was next day.
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