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Olixar Universal Smartphone Windscreen In-Car Holder

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Keep your smartphone safe and secure in view on your car windscreen with the rotatable and adjustable Olixar universal car holder.

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Ingrid Sellman
13th June 2017

Olixar Universal Smartphone Windscreen In-Car Holder
No good so far!
I haven't been able to use this product, as the actual holder doesn't stay on the arm: it drops off all the time. I have emailed the company - but received no reply. In theory, this product is really good and I would like to use it - but so far - not possible.
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Ingrid Sorry haven't been able to view any emails from you I am afraid, can you email us again so we can look into this issue please.
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Tom McKendrick
6th October 2016

Olixar Universal In-car holder
Holder unhooks from the arm and falls occassionally when I hit a bump on the road. The long arm shakes when driving and therefore the mobile is often shaken forward and starts to slide out of the holder. Constantly having to push it back into place. The spongy things that hold the phone in place are not only a bit cheap looking but aren't effective it seems in preventing the phone from sliding out the front of the holder. Disappointing so far but I'll persevere for now with it!
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Paul Hare
25th June 2015

iPhone 6
Cheap rubbish
You get what you pay for in life. This is not worth even what it costs. Stay well clear. Fell apart in one minute.
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2nd June 2015

Broke after 2 hour journey
I used this item to hold my phone as a sat nav. After a 2 hour car journey the sponge components that hold the phone in place came off. This meant the phone fell out of the holder and dangerously into the footwell. I could no longer use my phone as a sat nav and was completely let down by the product. It is a great design but has no longevity if it breaks after 2 hours use.
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Ashad Hannan
6th June 2014

HTC One M8
Not up to the job
This holder is just too flimsy for the M8. A lot of shaking while driving and the glued on cushions to support the phone fell off on day 2! Let's just say I'm already looking for a replacement
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Boston, Lincolnshire, UK
29th May 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Awful, flimsy and dreadful build quality
I thought this holder would be good but sadly it's the worst car holder i'vce ever used or even seen. It's amazingly flimsy, the sticky foam pads fell off and didn't stick on, when you try and open it, sometimes you press the button to open it and nothing happens so you have to pry it open with force. It's only 3.5" high so it'll only securely hold a very small phone. Overall i'm not happy with having spent nealy £10 on something which looks like it would be sold in Poundland.
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3rd October 2013

Samsung Galaxy Ace
This device when stuck to the windscreen of my car will not hold my phone in the horizontal when I am using the phone as a satnav. The head has not got enough resistance to stop the phone turning. On the positive side the product arrived very promtly.
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Tom R
Stoke-on-Trent, UK
8th July 2013

Nokia Lumia 800, 920, iPhone 4S
Another disposable phone holder
Really disappointed with this product. When it arrived, I was pleased with the sturdy arm and suction cup that seemed to keep working even after a few removals, as these are issues I'd had with my previous two holders this year (yes, I'm on my hat trick already). Unfortunately, this holder had another far more irritating problem. After just a couple of weeks of use, one of the foam pads that hold the phone in place fell off, launching a phone at me at 70mph on the motorway. I managed to stick it back on and continue using the holder for a week or two more, until it happened again, with the piece of foam flying out of my car window this time. Thankfully the phone didn't! I wouldn't recommend purchasing this holder. There are other alternatives which seem better made, though it's difficult to know which to go for as there are so many. I'm now using an OmniHolder, let's see how long that lasts!
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Chris Smith
East Leicestershire
3rd July 2013

Cheap, nasty plastic
The first one snapped in two, the second vibrates so much you cannot read the screen. The holder covers up the micro usb socket so you cannot charge it!. To be avoided at all costs!
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Michael Austen
8th May 2013

Galaxy S3
Weak from bad design & breaks straight away
Bought as reviews OK and wanted a phone holder that would last. Unfortunately it is cheap and badly designed, broke on attaching the holder to the window arm attachment. Whole of holder is supported by a round bit of plastic 3mm diameter which broke straight away. Very disappointed and frustrating. Would rate as 0 stars if could.
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United Kingdom
4th November 2011

Doesnt fit charger
Unfortunately it doesnt allow my Wildfire to charge while in the no use.
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21st April 2011

Used it once and now it wont attach to the windscreen. The button to make the space bigger to put the phone in has also broken and now my phone wont even fit in properly! Thought I was getting a bargain but now Im going to have to replace the product!
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14th September 2010

universal phone holder-windscreen
Phone release mechanism difficult to release. Broke altogether after a couple of days rubbish don't buy.
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James C
Maidenhead, UK
6th May 2010

Get what you pay for
I had this for about 5 minutes, it seemed good as i stuck it to the windscrean and tightened the suction cup, I drove off and went over a sleeping polie man and it fired small bits of plastic around and fell off - the ratchet system had snapped and it was useless. its now in a bin next to a bp petrol pump - v. disapointed
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Mick W
Caterham Surrey
16th October 2008

Broken after a few weeks
The holder attached to the windscreen OK but when the ratchet for the clamp had been released and re-clamped three or four times, it crumbled into little bits and the holder just swung around the top of the dashboard- entertaining but useless as a phone holder. don't buy cheap!
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11th March 2008

Cheap Build - Not Even Worth £5
At first glance I was impressed by the price but after receiving it I found that it hardly stuck to the windscreen, the release catch doesn't release and it broke straight away. I returned it expecting a refund was sent another 1. The first thing I checked was the release catch.. it didn't realease!! Despite what you may have read the arm does bend but is extremely tight and you feelifyou try to hard it may just break the plastic as it is so delicate. I haven't checked the suction on this one as it is pointless if it won't release. It costs £1.50 to return so I have now decided to count my losses on this product. I would recommend spending a little more and probably getting a lot more back. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!
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Mr Jonathan Morris
26th March 2007

Broke in a week
broke within 1 week of use. inferior build and materials. i would advise buying a more sturdy product
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julie mortimer, Bradford
22nd February 2007

Not what is in pic
This arrived today, mine doesnt have a flexible arm it only has a rigid one, whose got a straight windscreen?? Says it fits to floor also, who hasnt got carpet on the floor??
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