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10-in-1 Universal Mobile Phone Tools Set Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
A complete set of tools which will help dismantle and reassemble most phones.
  • Mobile Fun ID 10946
$13.87 inc VAT
 4.4 stars from 19 customers

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very handy
this mini toolset comes in very handy for dissassemble/assemble various electronic items. i found the curved tweezers come in handy for remove delecate connectors
Does exactly what it says
Does exactly what I wanted it to do. Could be any happier with it!.
Special tools for those unusual tasks
Met all my requirements and more
the main bits you need and a few extras for takign
Thought it was pretty good delivery was really quick found it very useful when I needed to change the screen on my htc s740 and it was perfect for the job would certainly recommend it to anyone who needs a set of cheap yet handy tools!.
Nice Tools
Top buy, cant say something bad
10-in-1 Universal Mobile Phone Tools Set
This kit was good value and includes the all important T5, T6 & T7 drivers for dismantling mobile phones.The carrying case is a bit cheap
10-in-1 Universal Mobile Phone Tools Set
A set of well made precision tools
10 piece mobile phone tool set
I bought this set for the T5-T7 Torx Screwdrivers, which are used to open mobile phones.They are quite difficult to find on the web, so the set is good value in that respect. I'd sum the set up as "cheaply made, but not expensive to buy."
Good Service
The tool set arrived quickly and is perfect for the job.
no use for iphone but ok for money
Affordable and capable
This mobile phone tools set will enable you to do yourself those little (or advanced) repairs or replacements that used to force you needlessly to hand your phone to the nearest dealer and wait several days for its return. With this set, if you want , say, to replace a front cover you can do it alone in a few minutes and probably with more care. This set is Chinese made. Its presentation could be improved but the screwdrivers themselves are well finished and look good. The set comes with a pair of tweezers. Again, their finish may not be as good as a Swiss made tweezer for watchmakers but they work perfectly and are very handy for holding those tiny screws. You will like this set, just as I did, and will use it in mobile phones and so much more.
Screwdriver set
Did the job they are designed for. Recommeded.
Fantastic little set! Great value for money. so far i have only needed 2 of the 8 supplied but no doubt i will be using the others soon!
Suitable for office/light trade use
Not bad: the bits are of better quality than those of the 8-in-1 folding set (code 3881). The plastic case is fragile; the 'bendy' bit needs dressing with a stone; the 'stainless' tweezers have some corrosion on the inner surfaces and the rotating ends of the handles need a bit of silicone lubricant, but fair value at the price and good enough for most purposes short of full time Engineering.
Excellent service and kit is fine too
The kit quality was good for the price. The bits didn't round at the first sight of a tight screw and the rotating head on the handle allows easy one handed operation. The service was excellent: ordered in the afternoon and delivered the next morning - can't ask for more considering the price
Seems to be pretty good quality - definately worth the money!! Strange screwdrivers make repairing mobiles an ease!!

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