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10-in-1 Silicone Case Pack for Samsung Galaxy Ace Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
A ten pack of high quality silicone cases for your Samsung Galaxy Ace to suit your style or mood
  • Mobile Fun ID 31277

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$10.81 inc VAT
 4.4 stars from 52 customers

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Cheap 'n cheerful!
Bright colours which instantly attracted the attention of my 12 year old - rubbery but possibly a bit flimsy - time will tell I suppose.
I have ordered this item yes. But hard to write a reveiw when i have never received yet.
Best Phone cover ever
Colourful, correct size and looks great.

What more can one want? Jacuzzi maybe???
Have just got my first Smartphone & as my grandson has the same model I thought it would be good to share these brilliant covers with him but the little toad took all the best ones....including the bright PINK. What was that all about? He's out of the Will now. Great service by the way, am very impressed with value, communication and speed of delivery, perhaps you can go in the Will instead.
Cheap and cheerful
10 cases for the price is quite good, however the quality of the product is poor. The finnish is rough. Some of the holes are not fully formed and there is a rough seem around the case. The hole for the earphones is so small that you have to remove the case if you want to use the earphones. The white case had black stains on it.
The case is a good fit and protects the phone well.
Big and Bouncy
I am hard on phones. I drop them, stand on them, sit on them, throw them, lose them, drown them in assorted liquids and, most recently, send them on scuba expeditions down the loo . . . but not any more.
Having bought a shiny new phone I wanted to protect it - so these looked perfect. Not waterproof, it's true, but they're bouncy, fit perfectly and give some added bumperage when in a pocket, handbag or bouncing out of a handbag and sliding across a floor.
I was disproportionately excited about their imminent arrival and now they are here can't think of a bad word to say about them. I've been busily matching them with various outfits, including a black tie occasion, a cricket match (one is in club colours) and lunch with the girls . . . Not sure when I'll use the yellow one but I'll think of somewhere.
the fasted delivery
good cases, nice pack, nice quality/ the amazing was your service and the fast delivery thank you
Perfect Protection
They come in a pack 10, so you can choose a different colour to suit you mood! The fit is exellent, as is the quality of the rubber used. Will protect your phone just in case, it lands on the floor
Suite Your Style!
I have found these covers very usefull. Especially if your someone who drops things alot! Also, I could change the colour of my phone to suite my style.

Overall, great phone cases for a great phone!

Hope you like them!!!

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