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10-in-1 Silicone Case Pack for iPhone 4S / 4 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
A ten pack of high quality silicone cases for your iPhone 4S or 4 to suit your style or mood
  • Mobile Fun ID 33347
$20.28 inc VAT
 4.8 stars from 26 customers

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Colourful people apply
A set of easily put on covers giving good protection , my wife got these covers & loves them , not only for how easily to put on but the protection & access to all buttons.
My wife loves her choices of colours to suit her style
Superb 10/10
These lovely, squidgey and colourful phone covers are just what I ordered and do a very good job of protecting a phone, just like the ones I had for my Galaxy phone before, and it is great to be able to change the colour from time to time. Superb value too........it's just a shame I ordered the wrong ones for my model of phone ! ! !
iPhone 4S protection
These covers are as good as they get, solid enough to cover the phone but flexible enough to slip on and off with ease. Unlike other so-called silicone covers, these are a nice snug fit and this help keep dirt and dust out.
All of the access points are clear and there is no overlap so everything plugs in as it should, bright vivid colour to suit your mood, I would whole heartedly recommend them.
Birthday gift
my son loved this Birthday gift almost as much as me, great product and a fantastic site highly recommend
just what ive been looking for.
I bought these for my granddaughter who dosnt like phone cases(fashion!!)but as soon as she got these I got a wow. They fit nicely not to tight just right.They are non slip and I think they will cushion the phone if dropped.I would recommend these to anyone.
Excellent quality and Brilliant value!!
Really good quality and excellent value for the items I got!! Wish I had heard of mobile fun earlier, would have saved me a lot of hassle. Brilliant product!!
10 lovely cases for my iphone
10 cases for every mood and for every attire! Loved the vibrant colours. The case material was of good quality. Definitely worth its price!
Brilliant buy
Cheap and cheerful, does what it says on the tin. Ten different coloured silicone cases, to match your mood or your wardrobe!
Joseph has nothing on me !!
Having just purchased the pack of covers in 10 stunning colours for my new iphone I realise that Joseph and his amazing technicolour dreamcoat has nothing on me. I have a colour to match any outfit. They are bright and vibrant and match moods or outfits, great to be able to ring the changes. They fit easily, provide the protection required for my phone and I can find my phone easily in my voluminous handbag which is a real bonus take my word for it. The feel of the gel is sqidgy and comforting and provides a soft steadfast hold when using the phone so I am confident its not going to slip through my fingers and end up on the floor or down the toilet or wherever. Love them and am thrilled to bits that I bought them, hope this is useful to anyone considering purchasing them, you won't regret it.
Good value for money
To get 10 phone covers for almost the price of 1 is a great deal and I can put which ever colour I fancy on my phone each day.
Fun and Colourful
Bought these iphone covers and wow they are fun as the colours are gorgeous. Fit well round the phone and safe when handling too Great item...what colour shall I use today!!
Good choice
Good value. Fits my phone well. I like the choice of colours. Just what I wanted to protect my phone.
Whatever takes my fancy!!!!!
After just spending a small fortune on an iPhone 4s I wanted to make sure I got a sturdy and dependable cover and although I love a lot the pattern and hard cases I didn't want the phone slipping out of my hands and not to mention the price of the silicone ones in the Apple store themselves!!!!!

As I've shopped on Mobile Fun before I was 95% certain I would find something I wanted. And i wasn't disappointed as for Half of the price of one cover on store I got 10 in fabulous colours as that I can change whenever I want to and feel like it!! The covers are of great quality, easy to use and apply to the phone and allow for great access to all the buttons on the phone. I'm very glad I purchased these covers the only problem I have is deciding which colour is next!!!!!

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